TODAY   |  November 04, 2009

Sarah Hughes reflects on Olympic memories

Nov. 4: TODAY’s Al Roker talks to 2002 Olympic gold medalist Sarah Hughes about her Olympic memories.

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>> the pharmacy counter.

>> today, all the olympic winter sports have booths and activities set up here all around 30 rockefeller plaza . and look who we found in the skating area, sarah hughes , 2002 olympic gold medalist . sarah, good to see you again.

>> thanks for having me.

>> so, eight years since salt lake , almost nine. what were your fondest memories back --

>> almost eight.

>> almost eight, i mean, yeah. my math is not correct. so, what were your fondest memories?

>> you know, i was 16 when i won, and you know, having it in the home country and just skating and having all my family there. it was unbelievable, i mean, the whole thing.

>> you had a lot of stuff going on along the plaza here. tell me about these skates. this is pretty amazing stuff.

>> yeah. so -- well, today marks the 100 days to vancouver.

>> right.

>> so, now we need to remind people about figure skating , i guess, and here are skates, their blades throughout the ages. this is from the 1800s .

>> wow.

>> and skating started being popular in holland. and what people would do is they'd take these blades and they'd strap them to the bottom of their shoes.

>> like their wooden shoes .

>> their shoes, right. and so, this is the strap that would go around.

>> that's cool.

>> now, as it progressed, you can see here there wasn't much of a toe pick at all.

>> right.

>> and so, that started coming around here, and here they start to get a little more advanced in that you would be able to tie it to a key. and now, these are my skates 200 years later. and as you can see the difference from --

>> a little bit of a change.

>> -- the first one. yeah.

>> technology change . so, you graduated from yale this past spring?

>> yes.

>> you're thinking about law school ?

>> yes. a little break from school for now.

>> all right. sarah hughes , thanks so much. folks, come down to 30 rock . 100 days to the winter olympics . sarah, thanks for being here.