TODAY   |  October 19, 2009

Premier Campbell: ‘We’re ready’ for Olympics

Oct. 19: TODAY hosts talk to British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell about how Vancouver is preparing for the upcoming Olympics.

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>>> possibly be facing.

>>> let me just remind everyone, the winter olympics are 116 days away . all eyes on vancouver as that city gets set to host the games. gordon campbell is the premier of british columbia . he joins us on the plaza right now. it is good to see you.

>> nice to see you again.

>> so listen, 116 days away . are you ready?

>> wi we're ready. we even brought you guys some mitts today.

>> is that the torch?

>> this is the torch. i'm about to go to olympia greece. i get to watch the torch being lit. then they run it across greece to athens, then from athens, lands in victoria, british columbia on the 30th of october. 10,000 torch bearers carry it across the country. it goes through all of the provinces, all of the territories, 90 kilometers south of the north pole so santa may receive it.

>> that's cool.

>> canada being the only country to host an olympics and not win a gold medal . is that going to change if.

>> that is changing. in fact those mitts you're wearing, these lovely ret mitts, i'll be giving mine to a woman over there.

>> what a warm heart.

>> but these red mittens are going to help athletes get gold on the podium. we have snow making equipment like you wouldn't believe. you guys are going to be at