TODAY   |  October 16, 2009

New video shows balloon liftoff

Oct. 16: Just-released home video from the Heene family shows the homemade helium balloon believed to be carrying 6-year-old Falcon lifting off yesterday from the family’s Colorado home.

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>>> al, now back to the story everyone is talking about this morning, the bizarre balloon adventure in colorado and the little boy , falcon heene, millions of people thought was inside that balloon. nbc's lee cowan is live in ft. collins, colorado, this morning in front of the heene home. lee, good morning.

>> reporter: well, good morning, natalie. yeah, the family that's released new video now of the moments just as that balloon was taking off from this backyard. the video seems to show the father doing a countdown. he says, "three, two, one," the balloon slowly starts to lift off the ground. then he becomes very agitated because the family -- appears to be his wife -- wasn't holding onto the tether. that's why he's mad. at this point, he didn't know that his son, falcon, may have been inside. but that's the moment that the balloon did, in fact, take off. this video is only going to add fuel to the fire that, perhaps, this could be a hoax. the police insisted yesterday they didn't think it was. they said they weren't going to file any charges. now, however, they say they have more questions for the family. it may be