TODAY   |  October 14, 2009

Spokeswoman: Dugard photos a thank-you

Oct. 14: TODAY’s Ann Curry talks to  Erika Schulte, a spokeswoman for kidnapping survivor Jaycee Dugard and her family, about how Dugard and her daughters are doing.

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>>> matt, thanks. erica schulte is a spokesperson for jaycee dugard and her family. good morning.

>> good morning, ann.

>> even "people" magazine was surprised that jaycee was willing to pose for these photographs for an independent photographer and release them to "people" magazine. so, why now? what was the thinking?

>> you know, first of all, her reunification, this joyous reunion with her family is going very, very well and they really want to share that joy with the world. they understand that there's an intense interest in how she's doing, and you know, people can't imagine what that ordeal move been like and this is thanking them for their support and letting them know she's okay.

>> she released a statement to the magazine saying "i'm so happy to be back with my family. nothing is more important than the unconditional love and support i have from them." and there are some images taken from this photographer that show the relationship between jaycee and her mother, and it's remarkable what they tell us about what they've been able to do in terms of reconnect. you just saw them on monday. what are you seeing?

>> i have seen a family that, i think if you didn't know the circumstances, it would just seem like any other family. just, you know, the love between jaycee and her mother, and you know, her sister, shana, who was an infant, really, when jaycee was taken, and they have just formed a very, very close bond. and to see them all embrace jaycee 's daughters, and the five of them are just very close and comfortable and happy. you know, they kind of tease each other sometimes, and you know, sometimes there's differences of opinion. it's just a really -- seems just like such a normal family .

>> it sounds like there's a lot of healing going on with therapy, including riding horses as part of the therapy. but obviously, the clock is ticking. is jaycee prepared to testify as this case goes to trial?

>> i think, you know, knowing that the trial is looming and that the prosecution has a job to do, you know, that's certainly important, and she is well aware, as her attorney has said, she's well aware that for that prosecution to move forward, she needs to cooperate, and she's fully prepared to do that.

>> is she ready?

>> i don't know if you can ever be ready and i wouldn't want to speculate, but i know that she is cooperating fully and they are very pleased with that cooperation.

>> all right. well, erika schulte, i know you're helping the family. thank you so much for joining us this morning and talking about this. and we're happy to see her doing so well.

>> thank you.