TODAY   |  October 06, 2009

Brides get down and dirty

Oct. 6: Brides trash their wedding gowns after their big day for some unusual photo shoots. TODAY’s Meredith Vieira reports.

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>>> day for very unusual photo shoots , and we tagged along to find out why. it's a day many women have dreamed of, walking down the aisle in their beautiful white wedding gown. but what happens to that dress after the "i-dos"?

>> my goal today is to get as muddy as possible.

>> reporter: it's called "trash the dress." one bride's trash is a photographer's treasure.

>> the whole idea behind trashing the dress was coming up with a more creative way to express yourself . it's one thing you couldn't do on your wedding day.

>> i say bring it on. i hope i get to drive. i don't want to ride in the back.

>> reporter: at dfw adventure park in texas, four friends get revved up to go four-wheeling, yes, you guessed it, in their wedding gowns .

>> i think any excuse to wear it again and to go roll around in some mud and have a good time is a good one.

>> reporter: photographer lynn renkin has been capturing these "trash the dress" memories for the past three years.

>> i try to really tailor the sessions to the girl in particular or to the couple in particular.

>> some people don't necessarily like it. they think it's destroying something that's sacred, but for me, doing something artistic and creative with my dress is much more me and much more us as a couple than keeping it up in the closet somewhere.

>> absolutely amazing. look at her. she's beautiful.

>> not just go out there and do something destructive, but more go and create some art.

>> reporter: photographer john michael cooper is credited with starting this trend.

>> people always picture the bride as some untouchable, pure thing that, you know, should be totally protected from the elements, the wind, the water, whatever.

>> reporter: not anymore. shana duhon dug her dress out of the closet for this shoot in the las vegas desert.

>> my father and mother kept asking me, you know, are you sure? weddings are so formal and traditional. so, to get an opportunity to kind of come out here and just mess around and feel goofy and get all your, you know, ambition out, it's kind of exciting. exhilarating i guess.

>> reporter: and jessica and samuel delay say they are taking their vows seriously.

>> to me, we're kind of symbolizing here the phrase that seems to have been kind of forgotten in marriages these days, until death do us part. so, we're pretty much sitting in a shallow grave.

>> reporter: a dress that's sure to be remembered.

>> it was fine until they dropped that line.

>> you want to do it.

>> i'm totally inspired. i think we should do it.

>> i know.

>> you know where your wedding gown is.

>> i just want to make sure my daughter doesn't want the gown. we'll do that.

>> but we don't have to ruin the gown.

>> oh, yeah, i got my shot.

>> you started sucking on the lollypop before the shot.