TODAY   |  October 02, 2009

Pro football tackles breast cancer

Oct. 2: TODAY hosts talk to Tanya Snyder, the wife of Redskins owner, Dan Snyder, about what the NFL is doing to promote breast cancer awareness.

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>>> maybe it's an understatement to say that you normally don't see a lot of pink on the football field .

>> but on "sunday night football," don't adjust your tv. the nfl is kicking off its breast cancer awareness campaign, and the players and fans will be sporting pink to bring attention to this very important cause.

>> tanya snyder is the wife of redskins owner dan snyder , named the nfl spokesperson for breast cancer awareness. good morning, tanya.

>> good morning.

>> and we said we'll be seeing a lot of pink on the football field .

>> yes.

>> got a lot of items, from shoes to hats.

>> yes.

>> what you're saying is the football players themselves --

>> oh, this has touched --

>> -- are going to be wearing pink. how did you talk them into this?

>> absolutely. actually, it was one of the player's ideas to do the cleats, so it's exciting. but we're so excited to bring it throughout and be able to have the sea of pink through the nfl . and it will be millions of people, between ribbons and having the sideline -- the players will have the cleats on. we'll have wristbands, the gloves.

>> the gloves.

>> it will just be throughout. it's exciting as well as the officials.

>> for you and your husband, dan snyder , the redskins owner, cancer is very personal to you. it's affected your life.

>> certainly.

>> what does it mean to you?

>> well, i, you know, this has been a personal cause for many years since we own the team, in 1999 , for over 11 years. so, it's, as far as me personally, i did all the right things. i did the screenings, was a little diligent in following up on something that wasn't normal, and that's the main message, is you know, get the screenings, because even i had the screenings and right after a mammogram, i kept following up on something that i really didn't feel good about, and it turned out to be not by mammogram, but a sonogram, breast cancer .

>> and you're turning this into something that's going to try to bring greater awareness. october is breast cancer awareness month. and so what you're doing with all this pink is not just create a fashion statement .

>> no.

>> but to say, listen, breast cancer is survivable.

>> yes.

>> just get it caught early.

>> absolutely. early screening is critical.