TODAY   |  October 01, 2009

Deadly earthquakes rock Indonesia

Oct.1: More than 450  people are dead and thousands more believed trapped under collapsed buildings following two powerful earthquakes in Indonesia. NBC’s Ian Williams reports.

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>>> but we begin with the latest on those two natural disasters that have killed hundreds in indonesia and the samoan islands . ian williams has made his way to earthquake-ravaged indonesia and joins us now on the phone. ian, good morning. what can you tell us?

>> reporter: good morning, matt. well, the latest figures we're hearing is at least 500 people dead and many hundreds injured, but that figure almost certainly is going to rise, the reason being, there are so many collapsed buildings here. in the center of town, which is where we now find ourselves, many, many buildings have collapsed. many of the newer buildings. and we just don't know how many people may be trapped inside those buildings. the market was particularly badly hit. very busy yesterday evening when the quake struck. a hospital is down. many shops have been badly hit. we don't know how many people are still trapped in those buildings. this is a city in shock. people expected the worst. they ran onto the streets again today when there was quite a severe aftershock. rumors spread of a possible tsunami coming in. people are not getting information. the power is down. there is no water. now, surprisingly, many buildings in the downtown area have remained standing, but the damage is enormous, and with so many difficulties getting here, with so many difficulties with the infrastructure, it will be some time before the rescue teams can get properly working on some of the worst affected areas, matt.

>> all right. ian williams reporting for us live on the phone this morning from indonesia , where that earthquake struck just several hours ago. ian, thank you very much. it's three