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Jason Mraz's 'number one' pre-show ritual? (It starts with a P)

July 18, 2014 at 2:16 PM ET

Pop superstar Jason Mraz has many pre-show rituals, but he says one takes precedent over all the rest.

"Before a show I like to take a pee, and I encourage all audience members to do the same, because the show can be quite long," Mraz joked.

The singer returned to the TODAY plaza to perform hits from his new album "Yes!" and stopped by the Orange Room to dish on what life is like for him and his Raining Jane bandmates on the road, including a secret (well, not anymore) handshake they like to do before each show. 

Video: Singer Jason Mraz stops by the Orange Room to answer questions about life on tour, including why he couldn't stop laughing during one show.

Check out the video to learn the technique behind the handshake and to find out what once had Mraz laughing too hard during a show to finish the song.

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