Whoa! Google homepage is a playable Les Paul guitar

June 9, 2011 at 9:58 AM ET

Google /

Did you notice that something is different about the Google homepage today? That's right — the logo is interactive. You can strum the illustrated guitar with your mouse and record a tune for friends. (Video below.)

You're probably aware by now that a Google Doodle — a redesigned version of the Google home page logo — is the highest honor the search engine can bestow on a significant date. Well, the reason for this latest doodle is musician Les Paul's 96th birthday. 

The Google team definitely went all out for the occasion, too. This doodle is actually the very first interactive and shareable homepage modification made by the search engine:

  • Users are able to create their own song by strumming the guitar strings that run across the doodle with their mouse. When they strum, the strings light up in Google colors.
  • Users can press the keyboard’s number keys to change the tone or octave.
  • Users are also able to record a 30 second song and easily share it with their friends. Simply hit the "record" button with your mouse to begin. Once you’ve stopped recording, a link to that recorded song will pop up that you’re able to share with friends.

Clever, no? Go on and see if you can put together a fun tune. I'll be doing the same — which basically means that I'll be attempting to play "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" — and when we're all done, we can share links to our songs in the comments below. Best one gets a virtual cookie from me!

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