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Catching some rays? Wearable gadget tracks your UV exposure

Jan. 6, 2014 at 1:01 PM ET

Devin Coldewey / NBC News
The jewel-like Netatmo June, as modeled by a company representative.

Those who live in sunny climes know the danger of seeing too many UV rays, the radiation found in sunlight that can cause skin damage and even cancer. A wearable device from Netatmo uses a sensor to track your exposure, and lets you know through a companion app when you may be at risk.

The device, called the June, is fashioned like a metallic crystal, and may be worn as a wristband or clipped anywhere as a brooch. A tiny grille permits light to enter and strike the sensor inside, and that info is wirelessly synced with your smartphone.

Of course, different people have different skin tones and tolerances, and a few questions in the app help pinpoint danger levels.

People who spend a lot of time outside might appreciate a heads-up when the UV index is high or they've spent more time under the sun than is recommended. But construction workers and surfers might want to wait until a slightly more robust or waterproof version arrives.

The June, introduced by Netatmo at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, should be available in a few months for $99.

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