Jill Martin

You asked, and now Jill Martin answers your closet dilemmas!

Aug. 18, 2011 at 10:09 AM ET

You asked -- and now she's answering. Jill Martin, author of "I Have Nothing to Wear," in stores now, is taking on YOUR closet cases.

Here's the pic sent in by Amy Cates, from Washington D.C.:

Amy Cates /

Jill Martin says:

Amy! OK, let's start this together. I actually laughed out loud because in the first picture you sent, it looks like you can't even get to your closet because you have so much stuff. But let's get this going!

1) You have too many shoes!! You have no idea what you have. In fact, you can't possibly know. You should have 10 pairs of shoes maybe 15 but no more than that. Please, start with that. Go through and donate every pair of shoes you have except for the 15 best pairs you have. There is no way you wear more than that on a regular basis. I bet most of them are old and unwearable.

2) Did I see a bird on one of your purses? How many do you have? The same rule for shoes applies for bags: You don't need THAT many handbags. Only keep the best ones that are in good shape, ones you actually wear and pieces that aren't totally dated. Trendy items that you never touch should be consigned or donated.

3) Please go through your dresses and decide which deserve a place in your closet. You need to be able to shop in your closet and I want you to be able to see everything. Take your first step right now. Do step 1 and go from there! Good luck! XO

Rebecca Reid, from Jacksonville, FL, sent in this pic:

Jill Martin says:

Hi Rebecca, here are a few suggestions:

1) Immediately get rid of the plastic from the dry cleaning!

2) Huggable hangers would be PERFECT for your closet (you can get them at The Container Store or at HSN.com). Not only are those plastic hangers so BULKY but they are taking up so much room!

3) You have too much stuff. You couldn't possibly wear that all in one month, not even a year! Each day pick 10 things you KNOW you don't wear (be honest with yourself) and soon enough you'll have enough space to actually see what you have!

Tanks so much! Enjoy your closet cleanse because you will feel great! XO

Phyllis Ingram, from Jacksonville FL, sent in this pic:

Phyllis Ingram /

Jill Martin says:

Wowza! Hi Phyllis --

Thank you for sharing. I know a lot of people can relate to your closet situation so here are three  tips to get you going:

1) You MUST sort through your shoes. You have too many and I am SURE you don't wear all of them. Anything you haven't worn in a year goes into the giveaway pile. Charities like "Dress for Success" would love to have your shoes so they can give it to people who need them. And guess what? Your closet will look a whole lot cleaner instantly!

2) Take the pile of clothing on the floor and take out anything that has spills, is stained, or is too big or too small on you -- be honest! I bet there are a ton of clothes in that pile. Just deal with that pile for now. Then each day tackle a different part of the closet,  so you don't feel totally overwhelmed.

3) Discard any hangers you are not using -- I see a few just laying around. Recycle them immediately.

Just start with these three things. Then each day, do three more steps and you will have your closet cleanse in no time! You will never say "I have nothing to wear again!," once you see what you actually HAVE! Good luck. XO!

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