What I Wore TODAY: Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte Rebecca Davis / TODAY

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte stopped by TODAY this morning to talk about his new E! reality show, “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” which premiered last night. The swimmer has been known to sport some interesting styles, but this morning he was looking casual and relaxed in:

  • Armani sweater
  • RVCA khaki pants
  • Todd's shoes

While his number one focus at the moment is swimming, Lochte said that when he does hang up his Speedo, he definitely sees a clothing line in his future. It’s a dream he’s had since he was young and says, “the brighter the colors, the weirder the outfit is, the happier I am.” His fashion advice to others – “just be yourself.”

As far as Olympic accessories we can expect to see on him in Brazil, Lochte tells us that as long as he’s on the podium, his grill will be making an appearance.

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