What I Wore TODAY: Michael Buble

Michael Buble Rebecca Davis / TODAY

Michael Buble stopped by TODAY Wednesday morning to perform songs from his new album, "To Be Loved," and the singer was sporting his trademark timeless look.

Michael Buble Rebecca Davis / TODAY
Michael Buble shows off his Rolex watch and Statue of Liberty socks.

Did you like Buble's outfit? Here's what he was wearing:

  • Dsquared suit, tie, tie clip, shoes and underwear
  • Minichiello Jewellers wedding ring
  • Rolex watch
  • Statue of Liberty socks "from some cheap shop in New York"

Buble said that while there's always room for new trends in style, he has always been a fan of a more classic look.

"I just think timeless is good, always. I think that being fashion forward is okay, but I think classic beauty is always great," the singer said. "That's why I work with Dan and Dean from Dsquared, because I think they're fashion forward but I think they're pure class."

What I wore TODAY

Michael Buble
Rebecca Davis

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