We're not worthy! TODAY tries a pair of $1500 socks

March 13, 2014 at 10:51 AM ET

Video: What does a $1500 pair of socks feel like? takes a pair of the most exclusive socks in the world, the Cervelt sock from Harrys of London, for a test drive to see if people think they’re worth the price tag.

For most people, socks are an everyday essential, the kind of wardrobe staple you don't spend much time selecting or showing off.

But for those who take their socks more seriously, allow us to introduce a pair that exists on another level from anything you've likely put on your feet: The Cervelt Sock from Harrys of London, dubbed "the most exclusive sock in the world."

And the price tag proves that: Each pair costs $1500.

That's right, these socks probably cost more than your rent. They're made of Cervelt, a trademarked material which took eight years to develop, and which Harrys describes as "an extremely rare, natural down fibre from the New Zealand Red Deer." tested out a pair of the socks — only 200 were made in this limited edition run, and this is was one of the last 10 pairs left in stock — and had some friendly neighbors give it a touch, and we can confirm that they are very, very soft. Check out just how soft in the video. editor Meena Hart Duerson touches a pair of the Cervelt socks.
TODAY editor Meena Hart Duerson touches a pair of the Cervelt socks.