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Was Pippa's green dress a wedding fashion faux pas?

Sep. 19, 2011 at 11:43 AM ET

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Did Pippa wear the wrong color for a pal's wedding in England?

Did Pippa Middleton commit a fashion faux pas? Or are critics just green with envy?

The famous younger sister, 27, wore a flowing green frock and a black feather fascinator while attending a university-friend’s wedding this weekend. What could possibly be the problem? According to U.K. Daily Mail, green is a color traditionally avoided at nuptials since it’s considered bad luck for the couple.

 “Ignoring the old adage ‘weddings and green should never be seen’ was not Pippa’s only fashion fault,” wrote Daily Mail writer Charlotte Griffiths. “She also wore cross-strapped suede high-heels and the aristocratic set consider heels unsightly at weddings. Only kitten-heeled shoes are deemed acceptable in the country.”

A little harsh? At least she didn’t wear white (unlike her last big wedding debut).  Pippa fans came out in force yesterday, defending the derriere-star’s wardrobe choices.

“Since when was green bad luck at weddings? Total nonsense,” wrote Daily Mail online commenter Thalia. “I think she looks great! Green is a good color on her! Quit with all of [these superstitions]!" chimed in an Us magazine commenter Suzie McDaniel.

What do you think? Have you even ever heard of this wedding style rule?

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