Want to style your hair like Beyonce? Get tips from a pro

Beyonce debuted a blonde pixie 'do on Instagram Thursday morning — and it would be an understatement to say the internet took notice. Rita Hazan, the celebrity hairstylist behind her new look, says Beyonce was searching for "something new and fresh, but soft."

"I think she was ready for a big change," Hazan told TODAY.com in an email. "She loved it and I think she felt really beautiful.

Beyonce's chic cut is already being heralded as the new "Rachel," a style soon to be requested in hair salons across the country. Want to replicate the look? Eugene Smith, stylist at the Ted Gibson Salon in New York City, shares tips for finding the right Beyonce-inspired hairdo:

1. Get thee to a hair salon — and only put your hair in the hands of someone you trust. 

"My biggest tip for women who are looking to go short is only do it with a stylist that you trust, that you have worked with before," Smith told TODAY.com. "They know your head shape and lifestyle."

"Don’t try to cut your own hair, please!" he added. "And never try to go short with a new stylist."

2. Don't go color crazy. 

"Opt for something that’s more all one color — try not to be too highlighted," he told TODAY.com. "It gets to be a little too much."

3. Be honest with yourself and find the right fit for your face. 

"Hair cuts can vary. An oval face shape is always ideal for any style, particularly short hair," he said. "There are some people who have a higher forehead, who might want to opt for a fringe in the front or bangs to balance it out. The best short haircuts are nice and cropped on the sides and on the back. You can play around with longer hair on the top of the head or shorter all over, depending on what features you want to enhance."

4. If it's terrible, go to confession — and have patience.

"In a perfect world, we’d love to avoid having that happen," Smith said. "In the event that it does, you have to be patient. You can visit another stylist you trust, sit down and confess the mistake to your stylist and devise a plan. It may just need a little more blending in certain areas. We can shorten the front to be leveled with the back. You may have to go even shorter to correct it, but there’s always a way to correct it."

5. Got curls like Beyonce? Befriend your blow dryer, invest in a hot-iron straightener and don't be afraid to use products. 

"You can define it with pomades and waxes for texture," he advises. "If you have naturally curly hair, it's a great way to control the curl."

"The pixie cut is a little tricky if you have curly hair," he added. "But it can be done by simply blowing it out and using a mini flat iron. [Beyonce] has curly hair, so she would have to blow it dry and style with a small flat iron." 

Those without curly hair can relish the little to no maintenance that a short crop requires, he says. In that case, you should be able to "manipulate it with your fingers and let the cut do all the work."

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