Twin sisters win pageant back to back

Talk about wonder twin powers activating.

In what may be a first in pageant history, the new Miss Washington USA was crowned this week by none other than her twin sister.

That’s right: Twin siblings have been tapped to wear the tiara for the Evergreen State for two years in a row. Tara Turnure served as Miss Washington USA 2009, and she just vacated the throne to make way for her ever-so-slightly younger sister, Tracy Turnure, the new Miss Washington USA 2010.

“It may never happen again,” Tara Turnure told Seattle news station KING 5. “I think we made pageant history.”

The 23-year-old Seattleites are fraternal twins – not identical. Tracy has blond hair and is 5 inches taller than her sister, who has dark brown hair.

“I think if we would have been identical twins … she wouldn’t have won,” Tara said of her newly crowned sister. “I mean, they don’t want the exact same person to be next year’s winner.”

Tara told KING 5 that she took her “big sister” role seriously in helping her twin prepare for the pageant. She’s about an hour and a half older than Tracy.

“I, you know, was able to boss her around a little bit and tell her what she needed to do to win,” Tara said.

Tracy, the new Miss Washington USA, is a graduate of the University of Washington. She works at a real estate company in downtown Seattle.

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    2005 MTV VMA's Hosted By Diddy - Press Room

    There must be something in the genes: These stars prove that talent is all in the family.

  • 2005 MTV VMA's Hosted By Diddy - Press Room


    Jessica and Ashlee Simpson

    Sisters Jessica and Ashlee both have pursued successful singing and acting careers. Jessica's music career launched in 2000 with her debut album "Sweet Kisses," and she has since starred in four movies. Her high-profile romance with Nick Lachey ended with a 2005 divorce, and since then she has dated well-known men such as musician John Mayer and currently, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

    Ashlee Simpson learned well from her older sister Jessica: "Jess taught me it's cool to be yourself," she told Girls' Life magazine in 2004. More recently she released her third album, "Bittersweet World." She also had a child, Bronx Mowgli, with her husband, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz.

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    The Jonas Brothers

    Sons of musical parents, Jonas Brothers members (L-R) Kevin, Nick and Joe grew up singling along with the family piano. The New Jersey natives write almost all of their own music and play their own instruments.

    The incredibly popular boys have been linked romantically to the likes of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez (Nick); Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle (Joe). Meanwhile, Disney has given the trio their own TV movie (Camp Rock) and series (JONAS).

    EPA / EPA
  • Image: Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian


    Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian

    It's hard to keep up with these sexy sisters but America tries. Former models Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian became darlings of the tabloids when the E! channel decided to document this famous family -- their late father was on O.J. Simpson's 'dream' legal team that got him aquitted of murder -- on the popular reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians."

    E! / E!
  • Image: Rob, Chad Lowe


    Rob and Chad Lowe

    A popular member of the Brat Pack, Emmy award winner Rob Lowe starred in such hit films as "The Outsiders," "St. Elmo's Fire" and "About Last Night." He later ventured into television, appearing on "The West Wing" until 2003, and later joining the cast of "Brothers & Sisters."

    Junior to Rob by four years, Chad is best-known for his role on the TV show "Life Goes On," for which he won an Emmy. More recently, he appeared on the TV program "24." Chad was also married to the Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank for eight years, but in 2006 they announced they were divorcing.

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  • Paris, Nicky Hilton


    Paris and Nicky Hilton

    The Hilton sisters, known for their family's fortune, have both pursued creative careers. Besides starring in a reality show, "The Simple Life," Paris has released a music album, two books, and launched a fragrance. After a well-publicized stint in jail, she went to work on a new reality show, "Paris Hilton's My New BFF."

    Nicky, three years junior to Paris, began her career as a fashion model like her sister, but has kept a lower public profile than Paris. She has launched two clothing lines, the more recent of which is called Nicholai.

    AP / AP
  • Image: Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez


    Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez

    After his first major role in "Platoon," Charlie starred in "Wall Street" with his father, Martin, and then alongside his brother Emilio Estevez in"Young Guns" and "Men at Work." IN 2011, he was fired from his hit sitcom "Two and a Half Men," but stayed in the spotlight for months as that drama played out.

    Elder to Charlie by three years, Emilio chose to use his father's family name professionally, hoping to avoid riding Martin's coattails. He is perhaps most famous for being a member of the Brat Pack, thanks to his roles in "The Breakfast Club" and "St. Elmo's Fire." In 2006 Emilio wrote, directed and acted in "Bobby," a film about the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

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  • Spencer Breslin, Abigail Breslin


    Spencer and Abigail Breslin

    Life imitates art for the Breslin siblings. Not only did they both start acting at a young age, the two played siblings in the Kate Hudson movie "Raising Helen." Spencer continued with such hits as "The Cat in the Hat" and "Santa Clause 3."

    Like her brother, Abigail is no stranger to the movie-making process. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Olive in "Little Miss Sunshine," and went on to other films.

    AP / AP
  • Image: Warren Beatty, Shirley MacLaine


    Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine

    Arguably the brightest brother-and-sister stars ever to shine in Hollywood's firmament, Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine each have an Oscar on their mantel (he a Best Director one for "Reds," she a Best Actress statuette for "Terms of Endearment"). It's possible that they got the show-biz bug because their mom was a drama teacher.

    Older sister Shirley has led a long and stellar career in Hollywood, and inspired by her success, little brother Warren followed in her footsteps. Today Shirley continues to pursue her well-publicized spiritual interests, while Warren's concerns are more down-to-earth; he is a longtime liberal activist.

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  • Haylie Duff, Hilary Duff


    Haylie and Hilary Duff

    Although to some she's best-known as the older sister of Hilary Duff, Haylie has been in the Hollywood scene for quite a while. Many people know her for her role as Summer in the 2004 film "Napoleon Dynamite." Later, she appeared in TV's "7th Heaven" and then in Broadway's "Hairspray." She also co-wrote several songs on Hilary's albums.

    Hilary became a household name with the tween crowd in Disney's "Lizzie McGuire." Since then her fame has risen with the release of three albums and various films. She once told "I always wanted to be like my older sister Haylie. When she learned to ride a bike, I had to as well. If she took ballet lessons, I did too. I took singing lessons because she did."

    AP / AP
  • Image: Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie Gyllenhaal


    Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal

    These siblings appeared together in the dark independent film "Donnie Darko," in which they played brother and sister. Jake later received critical acclaim and an Oscar nomination for his role as gay cowboy Jack Twist in "Brokeback Mountain."

    Maggie was pushed into the spotlight with her role in "Secretary," which earned her a Golden Globe nomination. Despite their individual successes, however, the two have fostered a bit of sibling rivalry: Jake told Weekend Argus that "being supportive of each other goes without question... but that does not stop us being competitive."

    Getty Images, AP / Getty Images, AP
  • Party For "The Constant Gardener" At The Times BFI London Film Festival


    Ralph and Joseph Fiennes

    These British lads definitely know a thing or two about acting. Ralph, who is older by eight years, rose to fame with his performances in "Schindler’s List," "Quiz Show" and "The English Patient." More recently he took on the part of the evil Voldemort in the Harry Potter films.

    After much success in theater, Joseph followed his brother’s lead and went into films. He is best-known for his portrayal of William Shakespeare in the 1998 film "Shakespeare in Love."

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  • Celebs at Lincoln Center Tribute To Jane Fonda


    Peter and Jane Fonda

    Peter and Jane Fonda had show business in their blood; their father was Henry Fonda, a major Hollywood star.

    First known as a sex symbol for such films as "Barbarella," Jane quickly earned respect as an actor. Both Jane and younger brother Peter became symbols of late 1960s counterculture: he as the star and producer of the trend-setting hit "Easy Rider" and she as the wife of Chicago Seven member Tom Hayden and a major anti-Vietnam War activist.

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  • Premiere of Universal Picture's "The Skeleton Key" - Afterparty


    Oliver and Kate Hudson

    Although he hasn't enjoyed the same success as his older sister Kate, Oliver has had a good TV career. He is probably best-known for playing Katie Holmes' love interest on "Dawson's Creek," but went on to the sitcom "Rules of Engagement."

    As for Kate, after many years of being known only as Goldie Hawn's daughter, she finally reached the spotlight. She earned rave reviews and a Golden Globe for her role in Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous." Since then her professional success only continued with a number of box-office hits.

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  • Premiere of Dreamworks' "Norbit" - Arrivals


    Eddie and Charlie Murphy

    The funny bone apparently runs in the Murphy family. Eddie's comedic career launched when he became a regular on "Saturday Night Live." In the 1980s he ventured into film and hasn't looked back since. His role in "Dreamgirls" earned him rave reviews as well as an Oscar nomination.

    For many years, Charlie was known as Eddie Murphy's brother, but thanks to Dave Chappelle's show, this actor and comedian finally got his moment in the spotlight. While he appeared in some movies with Eddie, Charlie mainly stayed behind the scenes, and even wrote two screenplays that featured his brother.

    Getty Images / Getty Images
  • US actor, writer and director Ben Afflec


    Ben and Casey Affleck

    Before there was Bennifer, Ben Affleck's acting career started in earnest with the 1997 film "Good Will Hunting," for which he and Matt Damon shared a Best Screenplay Academy Award. Since then he’s acted in numerous films, but recently he directed his first movie, "Gone Baby Gone," which starred his brother Casey.

    Younger sibling Casey followed in Ben's acting footsteps, eventually appearing in two films with his brother.

    AFP - Getty Images / AFP - Getty Images
  • Image: Julia Roberts, Eric Roberts


    Julia and Eric Roberts

    These two siblings were at one time estranged, but they reconciled in 2004.

    Julia has been in the limelight since her breakout role in 1990s romantic comedy "Pretty Woman," and has since become one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. Her older brother Eric was nominated for an Academy Award in 1985 for his role in "Runaway Train," and he has since worked in many television and film roles, including the "Batman Begins" sequel "The Dark Knight."

    AP, Getty Images / AP, Getty Images
  • US twin actresses Mary Kate and Ashley O


    Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

    These TV twins first gained fame on the popular show "Full House," but they eventually built themselves an empire that included TV-movies, books, and a clothing line.

    As they got older, the Olsens attempted to distinguish themselves from one another in the spotlight: Mary-Kate continued with acting while Ashley went into fashion. Together, they have launched fashion labels The Row and Elizabeth & James. The latter line is named after their other (less famous!) siblings.

    AFP - Getty Images / AFP - Getty Images
  • The Osmonds Reunion Special Tapes In Las Vegas


    Marie Osmond and Donny Osmond

    She's a little bit country; he's a little bit rock and roll. Actually, Marie Osmond was quite a bit country in the 1970s and 1980s as a successful solo singer. She also costarred with big brother Donny (he's two years older) in the late 1970s TV variety show "Donny & Marie." The siblings also collaborated on two hit duets, as well as a less successful comedy film, and a daytime talk show.

    Marie went on to more country hits in the 1980s, as well as a successful doll business and a season on "Dancing with the Stars." Donny has continued to record and act, drawing strong reviews in the Broadway production of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."

    Getty Images / Getty Images
  • Image: Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears


    Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears

    After appearing on Disney's Mickey Mouse Club, Britney Spears rose to pop stardom with her debut album "Baby One More Time." Her success continued with numerous hit albums, world tours and a movie. But with her fame came a lot of drama and heartache, including a divorce and custody battle with Kevin Federline and stints in rehab.

    Younger sister Jamie Lynn started acting in 2002, eventually helming her own series, "Zoey 101." In 2007, Jamie Lynn announced that she was pregnant at the age of 16.

    AP / AP
  • Pharrell Williams & Absolut Ruby Red Pre-VMA Bash


    Keenan Ivory, Shawn, Marlon, Damon Wayans

    This family is full of comic entertainers, but it was Keenan who paved the way for his younger brothers. Whether it was directing them in his films, or including them in his Emmy-winning variety sketch series "In Living Color," Keenan always looked out for his sibs. In 2004 he directed Shawn and Marlon in "White Chicks"; he directed them again in 2006 in "Little Man." Meanwhile, Damon was busy with his TV show "My Wife and Kids."

    Getty Images / Getty Images
  • Dennis Quaid, Randy Quaid


    Dennis and Randy Quaid

    Big brother Randy blazed the trail to Hollywood, starting out as a janitor on Hollywood Boulevard but breaking out with "The Last Picture Show" and an Oscar-nominated role in "The Last Detail." Other noteworthy performances include his Golden Globe-winning turn as Lyndon Johnson in "LBJ: The Early Years" and acclaimed 2005 work in the TV-movie "Elvis" and the theatrical film "Brokeback Mountain."

    Kid brother Dennis took longer to get started in Hollywood, but his work in "Breaking Away" and "The Right Stuff" set him on the road to stardom; more recently he won acclaim for "Far from Heaven." The two Quaids played brothers in the 1980 western "The Long Riders."

    AP, Getty Images / AP, Getty Images
  • Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers


    Mark and Donnie Wahlberg

    It seems both Wahlberg brothers were bitten by the acting and music bugs. After recording two albums and modeling for Calvin Klein underwear, Mark directed his focus on films. Since then he has appeared in a dozen of them, including "We Own the Night."

    Donnie was once best-known as the bad boy from 1980s band New Kids on the Block, but he finally got "the right stuff" with his roles in "The Sixth Sense," "Saw II" and the epic TV series "Band of Brothers."

    NBAE/Getty Images / NBAE/Getty Images
  • Showtime Original Series "Out Of Order" Premiere Screening


    Jason and Justine Bateman

    After starring in various films and TV series, Jason made a comeback with his role as Michael Bluth on TV sitcom "Arrested Development," and also returned to film.

    Along with his older sister, Justine, and their father, Kent, Jason formed a Hollywood stage company. The siblings also produced a TV-movie called "Can You Feel Me Dancing?," which they both starred in.

    Justine is best-known for her role in 1980s TV show "Family Ties," and has returned to television with roles in "Arrested Development," "Men in Trees" and "Desperate Housewives."

    Getty Images / Getty Images
  • LA Premiere Of "The Wendell Baker Story" - Arrivals


    Luke and Owen Wilson

    These comedic Texan brothers knew they were a great team right from the start. They began their movie career with the 1993 indie film "Bottle Rocket," directed by longtime friend Wes Anderson.

    The two brothers didn't act with each other again until "The Royal Tenenbaums." After a string of successful comedies with Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, Owen became a bona fide Hollywood star. Older brother Luke's film career took a similar path after he starred in the hit movie "Old School."

    Getty Images / Getty Images
  • Dakota Fanning and her sister Elle pose together at the 2007 Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles


    Dakota and Elle Fanning

    Watch out, Olsen twins: Here come the Fannings. Older sister Dakota made her film debut opposite Sean Penn in "I Am Sam," and has since appeared in more than a dozen movies.

    Before her role in "Daddy Day Care," Elle often played younger versions of Dakota in films. Though she isn't quite as well-known as Dakota, she has many films under her belt. Cute fact: When Elle was once asked who her favorite actress was, she named her sister Dakota.

    Reuters / Reuters
  • The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson


    Kevin and Michael Bacon

    Golden Globe- and Screen Actors Guild Award-winning actor Kevin's most notable roles include "Footloose," "Animal House," and "Apollo 13," among others. His older brother Michael is an Emmy Award-winning musician and composer.

    The brothers played music together from a young age, and joined together formally as the duo ensemble The Bacon Brothers in 1994. Their songs appeared on the soundtracks for the 2004 film "The Woodsman," which Kevin both produced and starred in, and also the 2003 film "Red Betsy." They have released five albums together as The Bacon Brothers.

    Getty Images / Getty Images
  • of

    Kirk and Candace Cameron

    Older brother Kirk is best known for playing Mike Seaver on the TV comedy "Growing Pains," which ran from 1985 until 1992. He earned two Golden Globe nominations for the role, and also became a late '80s teen idol.

    Candace followed in Kirk's footsteps, gaining fame from her role as D.J. Tanner on "Full House," which aired from 1987 until 1993. Both former teen stars are now married with children and continue to occasionally take on acting roles.

  • Image: John and Joan Cusak


    John and Joan Cusack

    The Cusack siblings know they are a great acting pair. John and Joan, who’ve been making films since the 1980s, have appeared in 10 of them together. Choosing to follow their own paths and not mainstream Hollywood’s, these two often choose to work with offbeat material, such as the dark independent comedy "War, Inc."

    Before she hit the big screen, older sister Joan was one of the regular cast members of "Saturday Night Live." John had one of his most noteworthy roles as the lead in the 1980s teen film "Say Anything."

    Getty Images / Getty Images
  • Gotham Magazine's Seventh Annual Gala


    Tiki and Ronde Barber

    Tiki and his identical twin brother, Ronde, have more in common than identical genes; they both have enjoyed successful careers in professional football.

    Tiki, who is also a sports broadcaster and author, retired from his position as a running back for the New York Giants in 2006. Ronde, however, still plays cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The brothers were raised in Virginia and fostered their interest in sports from a young age.

    Getty Images / Getty Images
  • Image: Matt Dillon, Kevin Dillon.


    Matt and Kevin Dillon

    Eighties heartthrob Matt gained fame for his role in "The Outsiders." Later, he garnered critical acclaim and an Oscar nod for his role in "Crash."

    Although Kevin's film career didn't take off like his younger brother's, he has carved out a solid TV career. His role as Johnny "Drama" Chase on HBO's "Entourage" earned him much praise as well as an Emmy nomination.

    Getty Images / Getty Images
  • Sony Pictures Premiere Of 'Surfs Up' - After Party


    Beau and Jeff Bridges

    The sons of well-known film and TV star Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Dean Bridges, Beau and younger brother Jeff grew up in the Los Angeles/Hollywood scene.

    Some of Jeff's most notable films include "The Last Picture Show," "The Fabulous Baker Boys," "The Big Lebowski," and "Iron Man." Brother Beau's best-known acting role was opposite Jeff in 1989's "The Fabulous Baker Boys."

    Getty Images / Getty Images
  • of

    Alec, Stephen, William, Daniel Baldwin

    When it comes to the Baldwin brothers, good looks and talent are in ample supply. Alec had much success in film dramas, but the NBC sitcom "30 Rock" gave him a chance to showcase his comedic chops.

    Taking cues from their older brother, Daniel, William and Stephen all went into film and TV. After some stints in rehab, Daniel worked to get both his life and his acting career back on track. William became a regular on the TV series "Dirty Sexy Money," while Stephen was seen on the celebrity edition of Donald Trump’s "The Apprentice." Stephen currently appears on NBC reality show "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here."

  • Image: Bart and Lisa Simpson


    Bart and Lisa Simpson

    These two siblings couldn't be more different. When bad-boy Bart isn't riding his skateboard, he's prank-calling Moe the barkeeper, irritating his dad Homer, or getting into trouble at school. This leaves room for smartypants Lisa to shine in school, play her saxophone and keep at her quest to save the world.

    Fox / Fox

Winners of the Miss Washington USA competition compete in the Miss USA competition. The Miss USA winner goes on to compete in the Miss Universe Pageant.

(The Miss Universe Organization is owned by Donald Trump and NBC Universal; is a joint venture of NBC Universal and Microsoft.)

According to KING 5, pageant triumphs run in Tracy and Tara’s family. Their mother Terri also was a pageant winner.

Tracy said with a big laugh: “Now it’s my turn!”