Top places to buy swimsuits online

Rumor has it that Victoria's Secret will no longer sell swimsuits. This recent news raises one frantic question for women across the country, "Where will we buy bathing suits now?!"

Thanks to the glory of the Internet, there are plenty of other options (that don't require an awkward dressing room moment). Whether you're heading to the beach this summer or lusting after a tropical vacation, TODAY rounded up the best retailers for online swimsuit shopping. Happy hunting!

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Modcloth Swimsuits ModCloth

ModCloth knows a thing or two when it comes to dressing a woman's body. From high-waist bikini bottoms to sweetheart tops and sexy one-pieces, they've mastered swimwear that highlights your favorite body parts —without making you feel completely bare at the beach. Their swimwear comes in a wide variety of patterns, colors and sizes, so you're sure to find a suit that works for you.


Aerie Swimsuits Aerie

Aerie, a line of lingerie and swimwear from American Eagle, is full of affordable and trendy favorites. Their suits come in a range of colors and styles with an entire section dedicated to mixing and matching two-pieces, so you can easily customize your bikini to fit your personal style. The Foldover Bikini Bottom is an adjustable favorite so that you can go from high-rise to low-rise in an instant.

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Asos Swimsuits ASOS

This fast-fashion online retailer pulls out all the stops when it comes to hitting the beach. Their suits are stylish and fashion-forward, yet still budget-friendly enough to fill your cart with a couple of options. Not to mention, they have a large selection of sizes and cuts including: tall, petite, curvy and maternity options. No matter your body type, this one-stop shop will have an option for you!


Hanes Swimsuits Hanes

If there's one thing that Hanes understands, it's that sometimes, even the thought of wearing a bathing suit can be daunting. If you're feeling a bit beach-shy about a certain aspect — be it your hips, stomach or bust — Hanes will have a style designed for you. Plus, they offer special sizing so that every suit fits its best.


Soma Swimsuits Soma

This lingerie company happens to know a thing or two about swimwear. They carry other brands in addition to their own in a carefully curated selection. Whether you're looking for an underwire, bandeau or tankini, Soma has it all.


Triangl swimsuits TRIANGL

If you're searching for fashion-forward bikinis, this will be your favorite destination. Triangl pairs interesting combinations of tops and bottoms together, making the selection process a breeze. With bright colors and bold patterns, you'll be sure to make a statement on beach or at the pool.


Venus Swimsuits VENUS

Could Venus replace your Victoria's Secret addiction? With a wide range of cuts, patterns, cut-outs and necklines, this selection seems to be the closest comparison. They also have a range of wraps and skirts to pair with your new suit for the ultimate beach-day outfit.

Everything But Water

Everything but Water Swimsuits Everything But Water

Headed on a tropical vacation? This is where you'll find that perfect suit. With a wide range of designers, sizes and styles, Everything But Water has something for just about everyone. They organize their suits by trend, making it easy to find fashionable swimwear you'll love.


Target Swimsuits Target

Regardless of what you're looking for, Target is a go-to destination for all things swim. From the hottest one-pieces to cheeky yellow polka dot bikinis, this is one-stop shopping for summer. With so many affordable options, you might even be able to get a new cover-up to go with your new suit without breaking the bank.

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