'Too beautiful' Samantha Brick: 'I'm not overconfident'

April 6, 2012 at 8:42 AM ET

The Samantha Brick saga continued on TODAY Friday morning.

The British Daily Mail columnist, who said other women hate her for being beautiful, sat down to defend her article with Ann Curry in her first American TV interview. 

Curry asked her, quite simply, "Are you serious?"

“Obviously part of it is tongue-in-cheek and part of it has been massively misconstrued," Brick said. “I’m not saying that I am attractive. I’m talking about the perception of someone who is considered to be attractive by other men and women and what that does to our society.” She said she’d simply drawn on her experience over her 41 years of life to write the blog. 

Brick was an "ugly duckling," she told a British talk show, as a teen. But once she grew in height — and dyed her hair blonde — she noticed "an immediate change in how people reacted." 

According to her first column, she has experienced the wrath of jealous female bosses, neighbors who won’t wave at her and gifts from strangers, including train tickets and Champagne. Her life isn't charmed with gifts and bubbly every day, she told Curry, as she lives in “in the middle of nowhere” in France with four dogs. 

Brick has come across to many as vain and arrogant. Curry pointed out that Brick had used "I" at least 60 times in the 1200-word piece, and asked Brick, “Are you aware of how narcissistic your piece sounded?"

“The piece is a first-person piece," Brick responded. "It’s about my experience and my life…Really, it was just to trigger debate. It wasn’t to have a global vitriolic attack on me as an individual, which is what happened.”

The backlash may have caused some backpedaling on Brick's part, who had pointed out in her story that women treat her with a degree of animosity, like refusals to offer her invitations to be a bridesmaid. On TODAY, she insisted she's not a pariah in real life. “I have got a fantastic circle of girlfriends," she said. "I’m a girl’s girl. I’m not this overconfident, bubbly woman who is a man-magnet 24/7.” 

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