Is Starbucks' new coffee-stained T-shirt worth $85?

Sep. 20, 2011 at 3:17 PM ET

Nordstrom /
Alexander Wang's T-shirt for Starbucks

Jackson Pollock once famously splattered anarchic dollops of paint across a canvas and swiftly became an icon of American art. Now, following in that famously volatile painter’s footsteps comes youthful designer Alexander Wang, who’s asking $85 for T-shirts that look as if he spilled coffee on them.

It’s slightly more complicated than that, of course, … but only slightly.

Wang is one of a small handful of designers to team up with coffeehouse mega-chain Starbucks to help celebrate the ubiquitous brand’s 40th birthday. Tasked with creating a limited-edition garment for the anniversary, Wang told InStyle magazine that his inspiration was “what everyone tries to avoid – spilled coffee on a T-shirt.” Wang’s stylish spill also features the signature Starbucks’ mermaid subtly concealed within the fake stain.

For those interested, Wang’s whoopsy-daisy work can be procured for $85 at both StarbucksStore.com and at Nordstrom.

Of course, you could always save yourself some money, buy a Venti Americano and just spill it on yourself. 

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