Sharp style: Glass bikini sparkles on runway

July 18, 2011 at 10:52 AM ET

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Cavallari outsparkled other models in her glass-shards bikini.

Miami's Swim Fashion Week debuted cutting-edge styles last week — literally. On Friday, reality-TV star Kristin Cavallari modeled a bikini made of glass shards during Diesel's 2012 Swim show, telling People magazine: "This is the first time I have ever walked a runway in a bathing suit. The glass sort of cut into my skin, and I was really nervous." 

The glass couldn't have been too edgy for Cavallari, though, considering she fished for a freebie after the show, tweeting "Can I keep the bikini?"

The sharp sapphire blue swimsuit was designed by Diesel and inspired by the unique blue glass bottle of  the event's sponsor, SKYY Vodka. But while Diesel's 2012 swim line was the only one noticeably breaking bottles — some others broke eco-glass ceilings. The Luxury Eco line debuted the world's first fully compostable biodegradable bikini. The creator of the "Haute Natured" line explained that the suit won’t dissolve on a woman’s body, but if buried, it would break down and fully decompose within 180 days — leaving not a single spandex strap or foam bra insert behind.

Wearers of the biodegradable bikini may want to avoid being buried in the sand, while glass bikini wearers should do what they can to avoid recycling enthusiasts ... or, more importantly, sunbathing on their stomachs.

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