Sara Haines: I'm obsessed with... hair ties

Dec. 27, 2011 at 2:03 PM ET

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TODAY's Sara Haines shows off her Maddyloo hair ties.

By Sara Haines

Although most people see me with my hair down (because, as my mom says, "your face looks round when you pull it off your face" – thanks mom!), I am more of a pony tail or, more accurately, a flip-your-head-over-and-grab-as-much-hair-as-you-can-and-tie-it-up type of girl. Anyone that has ever had longer hair is accustomed to trying to keep hair ties on hand at all times. As an athlete, I always had a practice of some sort, so I had to pull the hair back constantly. And when I go out with friends, you can tell it's the end of the night by whether my hair is up or down.  

To ensure I always had hair bands, I tried wearing the traditional ones around my wrist, but as my fingers began to take on a light purple tint from lack of oxygen, I thought, "There has got to be a better way."

I sound so old saying this, but if only they had these things around when I was a kid...(insert pensive gaze into the distance from my rocking chair). "Here I come to save the day!" – introducing Maddyloo hair ties. I am a sucker for any "crease-less" hair ties because you never know when you are going to see a cutie guy and have to re-establish the original blown-out "down" 'do, but they are also easy on the wrists when it comes to wearing them on your person so you don't misplace them. In fact, whenever I wear them on my wrist, I get tons of compliments on my "bracelets." From camouflage and metallic to rhinestone and tie dyed, Maddyloo has found a way to marry function to whimsical eye (or wrist) candy.

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Maddyloo hair ties are around $4 each, and make great bracelets that don't cut off your circulation.

Although Maddyloo has 60 stores, and is available in over 200 retail locations, I prefer the online scene (get them here). At around $4 (depending on style) a pop, these are also great as gifts. I love giving my girl friends gifts that are practical, but also girly. It doesn't matter what age you are; everyone can channel that inner child when it comes to receiving a gift and these hair ties have become my new go-to to accessorize any gift... and myself!

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