Royal face-off: Spain's Princess Letizia vs. Duchess Kate

Move over Duchess Kate, there's a new chic royal hitting the spotlight.

While Prince Felipe de Borbon prepares to step up as Spain's newest king, his wife Princess Letizia seems as though she was ready for queendom her whole life. Her style, poise and elegance are unmatched — or are they?

From their perfectly blown-out brunette hair to their love of nude pumps, it is easy to see the similarities between Princess Letizia and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. So we put the future Queen of Spain head-to-head (or head-to-toe, rather) with the beloved Kate to see just who wins the crown for royal style. 

Letizia wears fancy, floofy hats. Kate wears fancy, floofy hats!

Kate kicks it with Camilla, but Camilla and Letizia have play dates with dogs.

They both look lovely in lace.

And they both take maternity style to a whole other level. 

Letizia and Kate can stroll down red carpets like it ain't no thing. Hey there, royal arm candy!

But they also know how to dress it down for some outdoor fun with bright colors.


Is Kate checking out her competition, or admiring another leather jacket?

They each had a fairytale wedding.

(And because we're so enamored, here's another!)

BONUS ROUND: Adoring fans were so excited to celebrate these royal weddings that Kate and Letizia both received very...errr...unique customized collectibles with their faces on them. Lucky ladies!

While we can't exactly pick a winner, we can say that Princess Letizia certainly gives Duchess Kate a run for her money. Here's to some fierce royal competition!

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