Old Navy Ts get A in team spirit, but F in grammar

Aug. 23, 2011 at 11:34 AM ET

Old Navy /

It’s no secret that the divide between intellectual pursuits and athletic prowess is one wrought with friction and antipathy. Let’s face it: Nerds and jocks just do not get along. There are certainly exceptions to that rule (like the whole phenomenon of “rotisserie baseball,” which grafts the statistics-obsessed aesthetic of geeks onto sports fans), but by and large, the brainy and the brawny sit on opposite sides of the classroom for a reason.

Unfortunately, Old Navy has just released a line of sports-themed graphic t-shirts that is only going to further the gap between those warring factions. Celebrating a whole range of popular college football teams, the shirts proudly exclaim: “Lets Go!!”  in a jaunty, italicized font over a wide array of familiar names and logos. Meanwhile, even the slackest of students should recognize that there’s a howling lapse in grammar in that legend (i.e. there’s a crucial apostrophe thats that’s gone missing).

That said, when spotting this error stretched across a beefy, barrel-chested football enthusiast, featherweight punctuation-purists might want to think twice before pointing it out. When the New York Daily News reached out to the popular clothiers, their calls were not returned. Looks like someone didn’t do their homework.