Now you can snag Angelina's engagement ring -- for $1,195

April 20, 2012 at 11:47 AM ET

Gemvara, Howard Pasamanick Photography /
Angelina Jolie's diamond engagement ring look can be yours, thanks to Gemvara, which created a lookalike with crystals. Hot celeb husband sold separately.

Celebrity bauble knockoffs are nothing new, but lately it seems like they’re produced faster than ever. Just a week after Angelina Jolie unveiled her engagement bling from Brad Pitt, jewelry e-tailer Gemvara released a $1,195 emerald-cut stunner that’s a nearly identical match.

The Evelyn ring, featuring a 5.45 carat rock crystal-center and side stones in a sterling silver setting, “possesses a coveted elegance” according to the company's website.

Gemvara /
The Evelyn ring features an alarmingly big emerald-cut center gem.

Brangelina announced their engagement on April 13, just days after Angelina, 36, was photographed at a Los Angeles museum wearing a large diamond ring on her engagement finger that Pitt, 48, helped to design. In a Reuters report, jewelry maker Robert Procop said he had fashioned the ring in collaboration with Pitt, specifically for the “Tomb Raider” star.

"The full creative journey – from conception to completion – took a year, with Brad Pitt waiting until the perfect moment to unveil this special jewel to Angelina Jolie," Procop's spokeswoman said.

While a man like Brad is rare find, her ring is now a bit less difficult to snag.

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