Now a queen, Spain’s Letizia shows off her glam style

Spain's royal sweetheart is now officially the queen.

Queen Letizia Ortiz, the 41-year-old former journalist who won over commoners and royals alike when she married her princely beau in May 2004, just moved up the royal ladder. Her husband, now King Felipe VI of Spain, acceded to the throne on Thursday following the midnight abdication of his father Juan Carlos — but all eyes were on the stylish queen. 

If you’re not already feeling "the Letizia effect," here are 5 moments from Thursday’s coronation that will officially kick off your girl crush:

1. Her style is impeccable — feminine, polished and sophisticated:

Image: Queen Letizia at the royal coronation wearing a stunning white outfit. Reuters; EPA

2. Even though she’s a commoner at heart (she met her husband, Prince Felipe de Borbon, while on assignment), she fits perfectly into the role of a queen. Her posture is perfect:

Image: Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI at the royal coronation Getty Images

3. She adores her two adorable daughters, Leonor, 8, and Sofia, 7, who seem to have inherited her taste in fashion:

Image: Queen Letizia and her two daughters Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia Reuters

4. The royal family's footwear is equally as chic:

Image: Queen Letizia and Princesses Leonor and Sofia Emilio Naranjo / EPA

5. And she seemingly adores her husband, the king: 

Image: Queen Letizia kisses her newly crowned husband King Felipe VI Emilio Morenatti / AP

Queen Letizia is definitely one to watch. Looks like she just might be the next Duchess Kate?

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