Next big beauty trend: $8,000 eyebrow transplants?

Sep. 21, 2012 at 11:52 AM ET

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Kim Kardashian has fantastic eyebrows, but are they surgery-worthy? Doctors report an increase in eyebrow transplants, with patients requesting to copy the brow looks of Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox.

By Jada Wong, Styleite

Full eyebrows have been a big beauty trend for some time now, but some ladies are tired of having to fill in their own with wax and powders. Instead, they’re paying big bucks for eyebrow transplants in the hopes of getting Megan Fox‘s thick arches — permanently.

According to the New York Post, plastic surgeons have seen a 30 percent increase in eyebrow-transplant demand, and that Fox and the Kardashian sisters’ arches are the most requested styles.

Last July, 28-year-old Manhattan health administrator Jana Jordan went to New York City's Dr. Jeffrey Epstein for an eyebrow transplant. She says she was put under Valium and Ambien, and received Lidocaine to numb the pain during her two-and-a-half hour surgery, in which 400 hair follicles were transplanted from her head to her brows. The surgery was a success (hello, Fox-y lady!), but with one caveat: unlike natural eyebrows, transplanted hairs don’t stop growing:

“My eyebrows grew and grew and, by six months, I had this old grandfather look going on!” says Jordan. “I was too scared to cut them, and it took a lot of courage to finally do it!”

Doctors say that the full brows trend originated from couture beauty looks that designers sent out about four years ago. Since then, stars have embraced thicker brows, which obviously trickled down to the masses.

The transplant process, which was originally developed for burn and dog-bite victims, involves grafting hair taken from the head onto the eyebrow. The price for such a procedure runs between $4,000 and $8,000, and requires about three hours on average. Although ladies continually request celebrity arches, doctors consider each client’s face shape and hair type to ensure the best-looking result.

We have to admit that Fox’s brows are quite enviable, but would you pay up to $8,000 for them? Let us know!

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