New Spanx for the gym let you work it while you work out

Aug. 1, 2011 at 11:35 AM ET

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Spanx for the gym let you look toned while you're toning.

By Chiara Atik

Most of us work out to look good in our clothes, but what clothes make you look good while you work out? 

Spanx, the company famous for its undergarments and shapewear, has just released a new line of activewear. This isn't the first time Spanx has branched out: In 2002, they released Mama Spanx, designed to help pregnant women boost their bellies. Now, Spanx Active (get it here) promises to help women look slim at the gym.

A "bagel-busting" Power Pant ($118) promises to flatten stomachs, while a Shaping Compression Short ($68) gives added shaping under running shorts. Even universally-flattering items like sweatshirts have gotten the Spanx makeover: the Wrap & Go ($68) has pockets and a butt-hiding apron-style flap. Sadly, none of the clothes offer much protection from dripping sweat and red faces, two other deterrents of gym beauty. (Though wearing makeup -- another recent gym fad -- does help.) 

Spanx Founder Sara Blakely says of the collection: "Our goal with SPANX Active was to create the perfect black pant that would conceal any tummy pooch and make your butt look amazing. Each piece in the collection is designed to make women look and feel great in a cinch without having to work for it." 

Of course, if the pant can really make a woman look and feel great without having to work for it, then why not skip the gym altogether? 

Watch Kathie Lee and Hoda discuss it, below, then vote! Would you wear shapewear to the gym? 


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