The new necklace: 39 ways to wear the hottest jewelry style now

The big, chunky necklaces have had their moment. As have the layers and layers of delicate chains. Now, it’s time for something new around the neck: Chokers are back in a big way.

The necklaces, which sit high on the neck, have been spotted on many well-known names in recent seasons.

There are so many styles to choose from — bold or dainty, leather or lace — that’s it’s easy to own the trend and wear it your own way.

Among the styles: the architectural metal choker, which holds it shape and makes a statement, the boho chokers that are made of leather or wrap around the neck and delicate lace chokers that add a feminine touch.

Kate Hudson dons a stunning three-piece look at the Golden Globes this year: A matching top, skirt _ and a choker necklace.

To really show off the look, pair a choker with an off-the-shoulder top.

Style expert Lilliana Vazquez, founder of, dropped by TODAY Friday with an awesome assortment of affordable chokers.

Find your favorite new necklace below:


1. Aviva Winter Lace Chokers, $49

Aviva Winter

2. Urban Outfitters Daisy Chain Choker Necklace, $18
Daisy Chain Choker Necklace

3. Urban Outfitters Filigree Choker Necklace, $20
Filigree Choker Necklace

4. Urban Outfitters Libby Stone Choker Necklace, $18
Libby stone Choker Necklace

5. Urban Outfitters Maddison Wide Fabric Choker Necklace, $18
Maddison Wide Fabric Choker Necklace

6. Urban Outfitters Chiffon Choker Necklace, $18
Chiffon Choker Necklace

7. Nasty Gal Rivoli Bow Choker, $18
Rivoli Bow Choker

8. Suzywan Deluxe Black Rose Crochet Choker, $28
Suzywan Deluxe Black Rose Crochet Choker

9. Vanessa Mooney Take Care Brown Choker, $26
Vanessa Mooney Braided Choker


10. Erin Dana Bowtie Choker, $45
Bowtie Choker White

11. Erin Dana Mini Bowtie Choker, $45
Mini Bowtie Choker Romantic Pink Python

12. Meridian Ave Elissa Suede Choker, $32
Elissa Suede Choker

13. Meridian Ave Emma Choker, $38
Emma Choker

14. Missguided Rope Detail Wrap Around Choker, $12.92
Rope Detail Wrap Around Choker Brown

15. Missguided Layered Suede Choker, $12.92
Layered Suede Choker Brown

16. Urban Outfitters Only Love Leather + Stone Choker Necklace, $24
Only Love Leather + Stone Choker Necklace

17. Urban Outfitters Cali Chain Choker Necklace, $20
Cali Chain Choker Necklace

18. Nasty Gal Feliz Wrap Choker, $18
Feliz Wrap Choker

19. Nasty Gal Opposites Attract Mixed Choker Set, $28
Opposites Attract Mixed Choker Set
Black Choker Necklace

21. Lulus Good Idea Gold and Ivory Layered Choker Necklace, $13
Cute Choker Necklace
Glamorous Disk Choker

23. Ettika Still Surprise You Choker Necklace, $30
Ettika Still Surprise You Choker Necklace

24. Anita K Violetta Chain Choker, $65
Anita K Violetta Chain Choker


25. Meridian Ave Eve Choker, $48
Eve Choker

26. Baublebar Gigi Choker, $44
Gigi Choker

27. Tobi Revelry Triple Choker, $18

28. Missguided Skinny Layer Choker, $19.38
Skinny Layer Choker - Gold

29. Missguided Metal Plate Choker, $24.23
Metal Plate Choker Rose Gold

30. Zara Triple Choker Necklace, $9.99
Triple Choker Necklace

31. Urban Outfitters Forever Choker Necklace, $34
Forever Choker Necklace

32. Urban Outfitters Behind The Line Fringe Choker Necklace, $29.99
Behind The Line Fringe Choker Necklace

33. Anita K Gwen Metal Choker, $70
Anita K Gwen Metal Choker

34. Nasty Gal Bad Pearls Club Velvet Choker, $18
Bad Pearls Club Velvet Choker

35. Lena Bernard Ofelia Patinated Choker, $85
Lena Bernard Ofelia Patinated Choker

36. Lena Bernard Wake 'n Snake Metal Collar Necklace, $68
Lena Bernard Wake N' Snake Collar Necklace

37. Nasty Gal Sparks Fly Collar Lariat Necklace, $20
Sparks Fly Collare Lariat Necklace

38. Nasty Gal Colby Vegan Suede Choker, $18
Colby Vegan Suede Choker
Lacey Ryan Fishtail choker Necklace