Jenna Wolfe

More women getting tattoos later in life

Aug. 22, 2011 at 9:15 AM ET

One arm's worth of the ink that Helen Lambin, 78, has gotten in just 3 1/2 years.

Helen Lambin got her first tattoo -- a tribute to her late husband -- three and a half years ago. 

But something sets her apart from most inked-up women: Three and a half years ago, she was 75 years old. 

Now, she has more than 50 tattoos -- and she's part of a growing group of older women who are finding a loophole to that "I'll regret it later" concern. It IS later, and they don't regret it. 

The National Tattoo Association told the Huffington Post that there's been an anecdotal increase in the number of women of advanced age coming in to get marked up, permanently.

Jenna Wolfe visited a tattoo parlor where one tough granny was about to get tatted up. Then, artist Ami James, star of TLC's "New York Ink," came at Jenna with that buzzing needle. Watch the video for the big reveal:

The secret: Jenna didn't really get an "I love Matt" tattoo. Her fake version came via artist Jenai Chin. In reality, Jenna would rather wait until she's older.


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