Mom puts Missoni for Target boots on eBay for $31K

Sep. 23, 2011 at 1:08 PM ET

No returns accepted for these Missoni for Target boots, selling for a steep price.

The Missoni for Target drama continues.

Since its launch, the popular zig-zag collection has experienced multiple snafus — a crashed website,  ravaged stores, delayed orders – and now, eBay  nuttiness.

One woman is selling the sold-out Missoni for Target Venetian Rainboots (size 10, for those interested) at a whopping $31,000, a far cry from its original price of $34.99. The kicker: She’s simply trying to pay for her daughter’s freshman year college tuition.

Tammy Lyn, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, says her family is determined to have her daughter — who is "excited about the sale" — graduate debt-free.  Lyn realizes her listing is a bit steep, but she's eager to capitalize on a market that sometimes honors such boldness. "If a Virgin Mary toasted sandwich can sell for $28,000 then anything is possible," Lyn told TODAY.com, adding "I believe all my listings will sell at my asking price. "

As expected, consumer feedback has been mixed and spirited. Some eBay users applaud her “creativity,” but a strong portion of the listing’s comments are more than negative — they’re downright vicious. “I personally think you are nuts,” writes one eBay user. “You should be embarrassed” writes another, while one user lamented “eBay has really gone to hell in a hand basket.”

For her part, Lyn has answered nearly every comment with surprising restraint and courtesy. "I believe people are entitled to their opinions... but I can’t take the comments personally because that kind of thinking could hold me back from my goal. I’m purposing to stay positive and walk in love."

While there’s yet to be a bid, one eBay user did offer her $29.99. "I'll consider your offer if things don't work out the way I'm believing they will," she replied. "Blessings."

Thankfully, shipping is free.


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