Matt Lauer wore a choker necklace and nothing will ever be the same

First, they came for our skinny jeans. Then, they came for our topknots. And now … they’re coming for our jewelry.

That’s right, male choker necklaces are officially a thing.

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And we don’t just mean bad-boy-sexy studded collars …

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Runway ready, or "run away" ready? You decide.

... or minimalist black bands, á la Ryan Atwood in "The O.C."

These, um, these, well …

They come in pink velvet.
A pink velvet choker says, "I'm tough, but also sensitive." We guess.

And braided leather.
Does braided leather make it any better? We're not so sure.

And deep V-neck ready cuts.
This gives new meaning to the deep V-neck craze.

Gentlemen, if you're making that distraught emoji face, we urge you to see this as an opportunity to prove your fashion sense. After all, if you can pull off this, you can pull off anything.

Just ask TODAY's own Matt Lauer, who bravely took the trend for a spin on Wednesday.


After some initial skepticism, he seemed to view it as an upgrade to the dickies he wore back in the day. And can we just say: Matt, you've never looked more hip.

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Matt Lauer's fashion choker goes viral, causes controversy

Play Video - 1:04

Matt Lauer's fashion choker goes viral, causes controversy

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But if you're still not sold, take it up with *NSYNC. Because as usual, we can trace the blame (at least partly) back to the '90s.

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JT, JC and Joey have been hot to this trend for years.

Justin, is that turquoise? Wave "bye bye bye" if you need help.