Magazine 'sorry' for awkward Britney Spears cover

Oct. 29, 2012 at 10:52 AM ET

Lucky /
Britney Spears graces the December 2012 issue of Lucky magazine, but fans are not too happy with the singer's appearance.

Once again, the Internet has come to Britney Spears' defense. The “X Factor” judge recently posed for Lucky magazine’s December issue, but fans are up in arms over her fashion spread.

Lucky /
But hey, the clothing is still cute: Britney Spears poses for Lucky magazine.

Britney's depicted wearing cute holiday outfits and pink palette makeup, but it's what appears to be an awkward wig that folks are taking issue with. To some, it's a gaffe that severely ages the 30-year-old star. Late last week, fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment:

“Who put that wig too low on Britney’s head?” demanded @iBraglots, while @Piaglenn wondered “who let this happen? Brit is in a crooked hair hat, not a wig.” Some, like, @RissaRoyal, lamented that it was “truly heinous,” while others tried to make the best of the situation: “If you look at the cover from afar, it’s not that bad.”

In the wake of the mounting criticism, Lucky magazine finally responded to its readers, thanking them for their feedback and apologizing for their dissatisfaction.

 “As always, we will share with our team and we’re sorry to have let some of you down,” the magazine stated in a tweet.

What do you think of the magazine cover? Are folks over-reacting? Let us know!

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