Lagerfeld: Michelle Obama's bangs were 'a bad idea'

Jan. 30, 2013 at 4:21 PM ET

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Unneccessary? Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld criticized Michelle Obama's new hairstyle, calling it "a bad idea."

There he goes again.

German couture designer Karl Lagerfeld is no stranger to putting his fashionable foot in his mouth — he’s criticized Pippa Middleton's face, Adele's weight, and even's Seal's skin. But now he may have gone too far: he’s taken on Michelle Obama.

In a new interview with France’s Canal Plus, Lagerfeld said thatthough he adores the first lady, he was baffled by her recent bangs cut, which he thinks make her look like a news anchor.

"I don’t understand the change in hairstyle," Lagerfeld said, adding "bangs were a bad idea...It's not good.”

We’re a fan of theChanel creative director’s talent, but he seems a little too comfortable publicly criticizing others' appearances. Joan Rivers, may we suggest you give him a taste of his own medicine on the next episode of E!'s “Fashion Police”? We’re simply “baffled” by all those leather gloves...

What do you think? Should Karl Lagerfeld keep the fashion opinions coming — or quit it?

Rina Raphael is a editor who proudly defends a woman's right to good — and bad — haircuts.

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