I'm obsessed with... Moroccan Oil

Dec. 13, 2011 at 10:57 AM ET /
Katie Quinn's hair secret? The addictive Moroccan Oil.

By Katie Quinn

Hair makes all the difference to us ladies. A bad hair day can make you feel dowdy, whereas a good hair day forecasts a fabulous day of kicking butt and feeling good. 

The best way I have found to consistently have a good hair day is to use Moroccan Oil, an oil treatment that strengthens hair and gives it a glossy magazine cover kind of shine without being greasy. With a dime size of this stuff in my palm then run through damp hair, I feel like I can achieve that post-hair salon pamper—without the expensive trip to the hairdresser.  

One of the best things about Moroccan Oil is that it is both instantly gratifying and delivers long-term hair strengthening results. Within a couple days of using it, you can see a distinct difference in the gloss and shine of your hair (that’s how I got hooked), but then after time, you can feel that your hair isn’t as dry or brittle as it was (which is why I’ll continue buying it).

I also really enjoy the scent, which doesn’t assault the senses but is so pleasant I actually wish I could get it as a perfume. The best way I can describe how it smells is that it is natural in an Aveda way, but it’s not quite as strong. You can still wear your favorite perfume and have confidence the two won’t clash.

You can get a small .85 oz bottle on for $20 or the larger 3.4 oz bottle for $34.  It’s one of those little splurges that goes a long way for making you feel like you’re treating yourself to a mini-hair makeover every morning. Hey, you could run into an ex on the street and walk away with a smile on your face (which is, really, priceless). video producer Katie Quinn fondly remembers the days of wearing scrunchies with her favorite Donald Duck shirt, but is happy to have moved on to a hair style and wardrobe that she won’t cringe at when looking back at photos (she hopes).

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