I'm obsessed with... graphic T-shirts

Dec. 20, 2011 at 2:04 PM ET

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A small portion of my graphic tee collection.

I'm a pop culture addict. So much so that most things in my life are pop culture-themed, whether it's posters, knickknacks, jewelry or even, occasionally, food. This addiction has even seeped into my fashion sense and led to my obsession with the most prized items in my closet — graphic T-shirts.

About 98 percent of all my tees have a logo, image, or writing of some sort depicted on them, and it's not an obsession confined to the summer.  Even in winter, I prefer to wear one of these T-shirts with a cardigan over it. Why the graphic tee? Frankly, I just find solid colors boring. Why waste shirt space when instead of a plain blue tee I could wear a shirt emblazoned with a vintage 80s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle image?

I know some people buy these types of shirts to try to fit in with the latest trend, especially for movies or bands, but not me. I love how each one of my tees has its own story, making them so much more fun to wear. Whether it's my Ben Kweller shirt from my first Boston concert or the "Star Wars" shirt I wore to my first midnight movie ("Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith"), it's not just a shirt to me but a way to express something I experienced or just plain love in pop culture.

When this obsession began years ago, most graphic tees were only in the men's section, so my drawers began to fill with rather unflattering men's small T-shirts. Luckily, times have changed; increasingly, I'm able to find stylish, well-fitting graphic tees for women. My tees come from three main sources: Junk Food, Delia's, and Hot Topic. Recently I've also discovered Her Universe, a great website trying to fill the dearth of sci-fi graphic tees available to women (a genre that definitely tends to skew male). Usually you can find these tees for decent prices, between $15 or $20, though occasionally I'll spend $30 on an awesome vintage tee.

So why not be fashionable AND show off something you like? If you can't understand, that's OK – that's why it's called an obsession! But if you are a fellow graphic tee fan, tell me what your favorite T-shirt is and why in the comments section below.

Lisa Granshaw writes and produces for She enjoys matching her graphic tees to the occasion, like wearing her "Harry Potter" shirt when watching one of the films or her "Pinky and the Brain" tee on days she feels like taking over the world.

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