'I knew I had potential!': Woman wowed by makeover

What would we do without Louis Licari and Jill Martin? TODAY's style gurus helped transform two lucky audience members — Hortencia Barrera and Thea Rosen — into va-va-voom vixens on Thursday, leaving their loved ones in awe.

When we first met Barrera, she said her daily routine consisted of "a shower and then running out the door." She wasn't expecting a makeover (we suppose that's where the "ambush" part comes in, right?), but said she's always up for an adventure. On one condition: her friend Anna stressed that Louis had to "protect her hair." 

Hortencia Barrera's long locks got a sleek lift. TODAY

Barrera's long, luxurious locks were given a modern update, shaped into a long bob. And her crunchy granola hippie look was transformed into a glamour girl. "You look like a southern California girl," said Louis, of the sexy red dress Jill put her in. 

What was Hortencia's reaction? A stunned "Oh my gosh!" We'll take it! 

The second ambush victim was Thea Rosen, who, KLG explained, "used to dress to the nines, but now that she's older, she goes with what's comfortable." Rosen was there with her husband Martin and pup Lexi, who'd just gotten a cute new makeover herself. 
It's hard to say who loved the makeover reveal more — Marvin or Thea. "Holy mackerel!" exclaimed Marvin when he saw his wife's new shorter 'do.

"I knew I had potential," said Thea, spying herself in the mirror. 

"What can I tell you, she's the love of my life," said Martin, tearing up. "Thirty-some odd years."

Lexi the dog, however, was less than thrilled. "I don't think she recognizes her," said Marvin. 

Somebody get these three a talk show. 

Ambush Makeover

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