How to tie a scarf: 4 stylish ways to bundle up with a scarf

Winter is here and with the chilly temperatures, it's more important than ever to bundle up with your favorite scarf. But a scarf doesn't just have to be something you throw on to keep cozy, it can actually be a great accessory to add some pizzazz to your favorite look!

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Marie Claire senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi stopped by TODAY Friday to share her best scarf styling tricks so you can stay warm while looking fabulous. While Rassi used Echo's Great Scot Blanket Wrap for all of her looks, you can use any scarf you like to put your own signature flare on these sophisticated styles.

The pretzel

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The pretzel is a quick and easy way to create that chunky scarf look that's oh, so perfect on a chilly day. Wear it while sipping on hot cider or cocoa and you'll look cozy as ever. As Rassi says, "It's very functional and you're not going to get a cold neck!" What could be better?

1. Take the scarf and fold it in half lengthwise.

2. Fold it in half lengthwise again, but keep your hand in the loop that is created from the fold.

3. With your hand in the loop, put the scarf around your neck.

4. Next, take one of the two ends and pull it through the loop.

5. Now, with the second loose end, wrap it over and under through the loop in the opposite direction. Pull to tighten and you've got a chic look in seconds!

The Western shawl

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Heading out for a night on the town and don't want your scarf to ruin your outfit? You can actually make this cold-weather necessity a great accent piece with this Western-inspired style. The best part is, it works just as well with a lightweight scarf, making it a very versatile look that can be worn all year long.

1. Fold the scarf into a square.

2. Then fold the square in half diagonally so it turns into a triangle. Pro tip: The corners don't have to align perfectly!

3. Throw the scarf around your neck with the point of the triangle facing forward, almost like a blanket.

4. Tie the two ends in a knot at the back.

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The faux vest

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The belted scarf is not only easy to recreate, it's also very trendy and fashion-forward. It can easily update a plain outfit as it creates a vested look with extra flair thanks to the belt. While it looks fabulous with pants, you can also try this with your go-to dress or favorite skirt.

1. Put the scarf over your shoulders so it hangs long and evenly on both sides. Pro tip: If you want to create a more jacket-like look, leave the scarf as wide as possible.

3. Grab your favorite belt and buckle it around your natural waist — this is the smallest part of your body and very slimming. Straighten out both sides and you'll have a cool vest look!

The Sherlock Holmes

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If your headed to a formal affair or even just want to make your favorite camisole a little more cozy for a holiday party, the "Sherlock Holmes" will be your go-to look. Rassi added Baublebar's North Star brooch to her scarf, giving it a little bit of sparkle and elegance. The brooch instantly elevates what could be a casual look into something more sophisticated.

1. Fold the scarf lengthwise.

2. Place it over the front of your body like a straight jacket.

3. Wrap the ends over your neck around to the front.

4. Pull ends around to the front and use your favorite brooch to them pin together, leaving excess hanging down. In seconds, you'll have created an elegant ensemble!

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This article was originally published on Dec. 11, 2015.