How many shoes do YOU own? The anchors count 'em up

July 28, 2011 at 9:32 AM ET


Pro poker player Beth Shak's footwear obsession -- she may own 1,200 shoes -- spurred our anchors to talk about their own shoe habits.

We see Matt, Ann, Al and Natalie every day -- slick-shined wingtips on the guys, sky-high stiletto platforms on the women. But just how many pairs populate their closets? 

"Probably 15," Al said. "Probably between 50 and 75, somewhere in that range," Natalie said.

Ann was a bit more wary. "I never counted," she hedged at first. When prodded, she admitted that if you factor in flip-flops she owns close to 80 pairs of shoes.

Amy Robach's shoes.

Amy Robach, sporting a pair of borrowed glittering sky-high purple Christian Louboutin platforms, said she has about 50.

Matt admitted to having between 30 and 35 pairs in his closet. But maybe that's because it's full with a different garment - his extensive tie collection.

"I have a ridiculous amount of ties," Matt said -- who places his neckwear haul at under 300, but "probably" over 200. "And not all of them are polka dot," cracked Ann.

Later, Matt put the question to Martha Stewart. And of course, Martha gave the perfect answer.

"Not enough, obviously," she laughed. "My shoes never wear out, so I wear the same shoes for years."

How many shoes do YOU own. And yes, we're including flip-flops!

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