Hottest nail polish colors for fall

Oct. 5, 2012 at 4:25 PM ET

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The Chinese zodiac calendar may say we're in the Year of the Dragon … but we're actually in the Year of the nail polish. According to market research, nail polish sales are up a jaw-dropping 70 percent this year. When it comes to all things polish, we can't get enough.

So naturally, we're pretty pumped for all the new fall 2012 nail polish colors. With a boatload of shades to choose from, we reached out to celebrity makeup artists to get their top picks for the hottest new shades of the season.

From forest greens to shimmery royal purples, there's a little something for everyone on our list. Even just the names of these nail polishes ("Gobsmacked," "Suspicious," "Miss Fancy Pants") have us itching to try 'em all … the only tough part will be choosing which one to wear first. /

Glitzy charcoal

The shade:Butter London in Gobsmacked, $14

Why it's hot: "I love the sound of this name, 'Gobsmacked,' and its shade is equally fabulous. Metallic polishes are going to be huge for fall, especially this sexy, sparkly, asphalt color." — Los Angeles-based makeup artist Sabrina Mae /

Fiery orange

The shade:OPI in Deutsch You Want Me Baby , $6

Why it's hot: "This burnt orange is such a quintessential fall color. It reminds me of leaves changing and carving pumpkins." — Mae /

Shimmery magenta

The shade:Pop Beauty in Magenta Muse, $10

Why it's hot: "It's a shimmery, magenta shade that is the ultimate glam girl color. It reminds me of Kim Kardashian — hair done, makeup done … all done up." — New York-based makeup artist Elizabeth Ulloa /

Midnight blue

The shade:OPI in Unfor-greta-bly Blue, $6

Why it's hot: "This is a very dark navy blue that looks like the ocean at night — but it's got some shimmer to it, so the color really pops against every type of skin tone." — Mae /

Pale mauve

The shade:Essie in Miss Fancy Pants, $8

Why it's hot: "This pretty shade is mauve-ish … not quite lavender, but getting there. It's edgy with a soft innocence. Like McQueen meets Vera Wang." — Ulloa /

Sparkly pistachio

The shade:Butter London in Trustafarian, $14

Why it's hot: "This is a brilliant blend of holographic gold and sage green. The artist in me loves its subtle edge, and the beauty expert in me loves the sophisticated balance it creates." — Miami-based makeup artist Marissa Nemes

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Dove gray

The shade:Julep in Annette, $14

Why it's hot: "I'm obsessed with this creamy gray color. It's a great seasonal transition shade — neutral, but completely chic." — Nemes /

Scarlet red

The shade:Chanel in Suspicious, $29

Why it's hot: "This powerful shade of deep magenta will compliment your fall wardrobe that's full of colors like black, gray, and plum. It looks so pretty when paired with rose gold jewelry." — Nemes /

Shimmery lavender

The shade:Essie in Nothing Else Matters, $8

Why it's hot: "You can still wear lavender even in the fall, and this shade has a gorgeous metallic sheen. It brings out the little girl in me." — Nemes /

Terra-cotta brown

The shade:Sheswai Lacquer in Rootsy, $16

Why it's hot: "This is a really unusual, beautiful shade of caramel. It reminds me of toasted pumpkin seeds." — celebrity manicurist Debbie Leavitt /

Royal purple

The shade:Tom Ford in Dominatrix, $30

Why it's hot: "A bold jewel tone looks fantastic for fall. I love this purple-y eggplant color … so pretty, and very royal." — Leavitt /

Hunter green

The shade:Zoya in Noot, $8

Why it's hot: "This forest-y shade is a rich, deep green with just the right amount of gray. It goes on very opaque and paints like a dream." — Leavitt

Want More? If you can't choose which fall nail polish is your favorite, mix 'em all and make a new shade. Check out our DIY nail polish challenge for tips to do it right.

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