High fashion at low prices - coming to a mall (or website) near you

Aug. 29, 2011 at 9:33 AM ET

Feel that autumn breeze? Okay, maybe not yet. But as soon as you crack open that first September fashion magazine you might as well diagnose yourself with the fever: Fall fashion fever. While we're sad to see those summer days go, we can't help longing for those seasonally banished deliciously cozy fall items. Gimme tights (and boots and new bags and all things corduroy and suede) or bust! Luckily, this season, top designers are coming to malls and computers near you to give you just what the doctor ordered: fashion at a price that won't make you sick.

Target.com /
The best thing about Missoni Home for Target? One size fits all!

Missoni for Target

Mark your calendars: On September 13, Missoni, the luxury italian sweater brand that zig-zagged its way to fame in the '70s to reach icon status, is debuting a gorgeous line for Target. The line seems broader and, well, better than other designer lines that have previously graced the box store, boasting over 500 pieces, which include those unmistakable sweaters, home goods, menswear and kids'. Please get mi-ssoni that!

Zara /
Zara's colorful pieces set a bright tone for Fall.

Zara online

Zara's luxe-looking clothing could make any frugalista swoon, but up until now has only been available for online purchase for European e-shoppers. On September 7, after a lengthy and much-anticipated journey, the Spanish clothing conquistador embarks on this New World, bearing gifts like colorful women's outerwear and men's shearling. 

Banana Republic /
Sultry secretaries need apply: Lace Dress, Banana Republic Mad Men Collection, $130.

Mad Men Collection by Banana Republic

Even people who don't watch the show are mad over its fashion. Mad Men's Camelot-era tailoring seems perfectly suited to Banana Republic's already polished aesthetic. Getting dressed in the morning will be so much more fun now that you can make believe you're off to work with Don Draper — minus the constant smoking and sexual harassment. The line is already in stores and online.

Macy's /
No need to pout like this model - this stunner is only $124! Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse at Macy's.

Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse at Macy's

Karl Lagerfeld brings the red carpet to Macy's big red box with a sophisticated collaboration that hits stores August 31. The white-coiffed, oft bespectacled designer kept the mostly monochromatic collection sleek yet bold, making the affordable line perfect for getting you out of bed once the leaves begin to fall.

Kohl's /
Don't lounge around like this model when J. Lo's line for Kohl's hits stores. J. Lo for Kohl's, collection priced from $45 to $85.

J. Lo for Kohl's

True to her anthem, everywhere she goes she knows where she came from — and that includes stores like Kohl's. The very beautiful Jennifer Lopez's line, due out on September 7, is replete with her signature favorites: jumpsuits, fur, glitz and what she calls "Old Hollywood glamour". We're glad Jenny's now on our block. 

This cutting-edge cuff comes in its rose gold tone, too. Wildlife by Heidi Klum Multi-Chain Fringe Cuff Bracelet, $69.

Heidi Klum's Wildlife Collection for QVC

The supermom and supermodel's line, due September 8, is super wearable and super accessible, making the pieces the super perfect baubles for watching Project Runway. Auf Wiedersehen, unaccessorized outfits!

H&M /
Versace brings its sultry sexiness to the affordable H&M.

Versace for H&M

There may be no H's or M's in Versace, but when has spelling gotten in the way of fashion? The snazzy Italian fashion house has opened its gilded doors to collaborate with H&M for a line to be released on November 19.  

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