Handbag taxidermy? Louis Vuitton gets animal makeover

Oct. 11, 2011 at 11:13 AM ET

Louis Vuitton /
Deyrolle, the famous taxidermy store in Paris, refashioned Louis Vuitton handbags into animals -- including a moose.

Louis Vuitton just went wild.

The luxury brand's logo-boasting handbags were recently fashioned into 29 creative critters, thanks to Deyrolle, the Paris taxidermy store with ties to high-end designers. To mark the brand's centennial, artist Billie Achilleos used Vuitton's pricey coin purses, key fobs and clutches to design the adorable sculptures, including a beaver, a cat, and yes, an iguana.

"Have you ever seen anything so cute, outside of little doll-sized teacups and six-week-old puppies?" wrote Glamour.com writer Susan Cernek of the leather-bound creatures. No, we haven't! And yes, we want!

The collection is set to go on tour later this year. Dates/cities have not yet been released, but should it come to your area, we highly suggest a visit. It's likely the only taxidermy exhibit that won't offend your friends and loved ones. [via WWD]

Louis Vuitton /
Oh, deer!
Mazen Saggar / Louis Vuitton /
Bow WOW.
Mazen Saggar / Louis Vuitton /
Here, kitty!
Louis Vuitton /
This armadillo might cost an arm and a leg.
Louis Vuitton /
This beaver looks eager.
Louis Vuitton /
Cute as a bug.
Louis Vuitton /
Now that's cricket!

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