Hair today, gone tomorrow? It's National No Beard Day

Oct. 18, 2011 at 1:10 PM ET

Michael Buckner / Getty Images /
Brad Pitt and his hotly-debated facial hair.

Heads up, fuzzy faces. Did you know that today is “National No Beard Day”?

Yep, evidently that’s the case. Even Hallmark recognizes it, so it must be true. On this day – October 18 –  men are apparently encouraged to grab their razors and liberate their long-suffering physiognomies from their tonsorial oppressors (in a word, shave). Strike that stubble, butcher that beard, hack off those handlebars and say “so long” to that soul patch. Sorry, ZZ Top, but today is a day for smooth, kissable faces.

Well, I didn’t get the memo. Moreover, it’s not really up to me. On a whim, I grew a beard on my honeymoon back in 2001, and the wife has insisted that I keep it ever since. While I have taken if off on the odd occasion (in a panic, I shaved off my facial hair in 2007 after I accidently scraped our car against a parked cop car with incredibly understanding officers inside –  I was worried they were going change their minds and come looking for me), I’ve become decidedly more comfortable with a beard. And, again, being that my better half prefers it – the beard stays. You know what they say: “Happy wife – happy life!”

Of course, beards aren’t for everyone. But by the same token, some men just aren’t themselves without their signature facial hair. What do you think?  Name some men you’d think might benefit from a good, close shave. Do you think the faces of Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp look better smooth or scruffy? Regardless of this holiday, who should keep their stubble ... and who should lose it?


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