Great or Gaga? Face jewelry at London Fashion Week

Feb. 20, 2012 at 11:54 AM ET

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A model wears a jewelled head-piece by Lara Jensen as she walks on the catwalk during the Inbar Spector presentation at London Fashion Week in London on Feb. 20.

Are these jeweled headpieces wonderfully creative or totally Gaga?

Israeli designer Inbar Spector — known for her festive, avante-garde creations — sent her models down the London Fashion Week runway on Monday in exotic, colorful face masks by Lara Jensen. The glittering, gothic masquerade featured billowy, romantic tulle bottoms and intricate, ruffled tops, which were made all the more dramatic by the sparkly facial accessories.

Are you a fan of this couture-esque jewelry gas mask? Or is it ... a bit much?

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Jewelled head-pieces designed by Lara Jensen are prepared ahead of the Inbar Spector presentation. London Fashion Week runs twice a year and is one of the four main global fashion shows that set the trends for coming seasons.
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A close-up shot of the Lara Jensen headpiece.
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Pretty in soft pink at the Inbal Spector presentation in London.
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Models show off whimsical creations at the Inbal Spector show.
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Israeli-born designer Inbar Spector walks with a model on the runway following her presentation.

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