Grandma-to-be celebrates being cancer-free with 'hot' makeover

Monday marked the start of a special series of Ambush Makeovers, in honor of Kathie Lee's 60th birthday this week: Each lady getting a transformation is over 60 years old.

First up was Edie Litwack, a 66-year-old art teacher from New York. She's been cancer-free for two years, so it was the perfect time to try out a brand-new look.

"I felt it necessary," Litwack, who hadn't upgraded her style in 13 years, told TODAY contributor Jill Martin. "I think it's time."

She, her son and her pregnant daughter-in-law came by the plaza sporting a set of creative signs to lobby for the makeover, including one written on behalf of her granddaughter-to-be.

"I'm still in mom's womb but I'll see granny's makeover very soon!" the sign read.

We have a feeling the baby won't be disappointed! Edie came out sporting a sleek, blond blowout and wearing a flattering wrap dress.

"Who's this?" she said to her own reflection, looking shocked. 

"Mom looks hot!" her son said, when the ladies asked what he thought.

KLG agreed, though she might have phrased it differently. "That's disturbing to hear you say that," she said.

Next came Robin Rule, 75, who said she doesn't wear makeup and pays $14 for her haircuts.

"I go to a little barbershop on Amsterdam Ave. and I've been satisfied, but I'm sure I could do better," she admitted nervously.

Ambush TODAY

Sure enough, TODAY hair guru Louis Licari worked his magic to show her what she'd been missing.

"Oh! Oh my God!" her friends exclaimed as she debuted her new look, a brightened-up red bob with a touch of makeup to emphasize her eyelashes.

After that makeover, Robin may never be able to go back to her favorite $14 cut.

"Oh wow, a whole different me," she said. "Amazing." 

Ambush Makeover

See the best transformations on TODAY! Hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give fans stunning makeovers from head to toe.


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