Ambush Makeover

'Gorgeous' Ambush Makeovers transform two friends

Nov. 14, 2013 at 11:12 AM ET

Video: Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and People magazine contributing editor Jill Martin pluck two lucky women off the TODAY plaza and give them amazing transformations.

Pat VanOrman and JoAnne VanScoy stopped by the plaza on Thursday, and the friends were plucked from the crowd to get Ambush Makeovers.

Pat, 65, was up first, after telling Jill Martin she wanted a "better looking everything" now that she's 65.

Just this morning, in fact, JoAnne said Pat was bemoaning her lack of curl, so the fact that she was selected for a makeover was "perfect."

Pat VanOrman, before and after her makeover.
Pat VanOrman, before and after her makeover.

"Somebody must have heard me!" she exclaimed. She was also excited to take home a new look to her husband.

"He's going to be very happy," she said. "We've been married 45 years and a new look is good."

Her big reveal wowed her friends, and left her with her mouth wide open, when she emerged with a sleek, short haircut and and a sexy leather jacket. "Oh my God! Wow!" she said, stunned by her reflection.

"I just wanted to give this upstate girl some glam," said makeover pro Louis Licari.

The verdict from her friends: "Love it! It's gorgeous!"

JoAnne VanScoy, before and after her makeover.
JoAnne VanScoy, before and after her makeover.

Next up was JoAnne, 63, who described her daily beauty routine as "nothing."

She was also eager to get a new look, telling Jill: "I'm so excited, I've had the same hairdo for 30 years!"

After a quick group hug, she was whisked away for her makeover, and came out in a beautiful red lace dress, sporting a softened bob and swept-away bangs.

Her friends were unanimous: "Just gorgeous!"

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