Gisele refuses to wear high heels

Aug. 17, 2011 at 1:54 PM ET

Chris Moore / Getty Images file /

Sorry, Carrie Bradshaw. Even fashion professionals are giving high heels the boot.

Balenciaga's creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, sent his models out wearing mannish flats for his spring/summer 2011 collection. But he revealed that the shoes -- reminiscent of the go-to footwear of your average teenage goth -- were actually the result of a certain supermodel's podiatric plea.

Ghesquière confessed to WWD that when he initially presented a catwalk concept for the collection featuring absurdly-arch-elevating heels to his models, Gisele Bündchen trampled the idea underfoot. "Gisele was worried," said the influential designer. "She would not work with my heels."

So when the Brazilian bombshell glided down the catwalk for this summer's campaign, her comely feet came clad in the kind of bulky, black shoes normally reserved for men.

Now, granted, Gisele Bündchen could probably wear old Kleenex boxes on her feet and still make them look exquisite, but would you feel comfortable walking around in these manly kicks? Was Gisele making a bold step for more prudent footwear for females ... or was she just being a diva?