Nail art designs: Floral nail art

Floral Nail Art Designs Courtesy Chalkboard Nails
Floral Nail Art Designs
Floral Nail Art

Hibiscus Nail Art

Chalkboard Nails based this design on hibiscus—those almost-neon blossoms that dot the Hawaiian countryside. For extra dimension, she used two shades of green for the bursts of tropical foliage.

Floral Nail Art

Pansy Nail Art

<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Wildflower Nail Art</h2> <p class="credit"></p> <p>The key to this garden of nails from <a href="" target="_blank">Love Maegan</a>? Tiny real dried flowers, applied on a nude base and sealed with two topcoats—one glittery and one clear.</p>
<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Brown Eyed Susan Nail Art</h2> <p class="credit"></p> <p>A gold background adds glamour to humble yellow flowers with chocolate brown centers, created by <a href="" target="_blank">Chalkboard Nails</a>.</p>
<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Sunflower Nail Art</h2> <p class="credit"></p> <p>A sparkly blue base coat grounds this manicure from <a href="" target="_blank">Nails by Kayla Shevonne</a>—and glittery brown centers smartly mimic the seed heads of real sunflowers.</p>
<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Tulip Nail Art</h2> <p class="credit"></p> <p> <a href="" target="_blank">Pixie Polish</a> filmed a step-by-step video on how to paint these graphic tulips—we love how the colors pop against the sea blue background!</p>
<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Orchid Nail Art</h2> <p class="credit"></p> <p>We love the smoldering, saturated look of this mani from <a href="" target="_blank">Lucy’s Stash</a>—the petals are so realistic, you can almost smell them!</p>
<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Roses Nail Art</h2> <p class="credit"></p> <p> <a href="" target="_blank">Syl and Sam</a> offset the romantic beauty of pink roses with an accent nail in zebra—flora and fauna together on one hand!</p>
<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Cherry Blossom Nail Art</h2> <p class="credit"></p> <p> <a href="" target="_blank">Love Maegan</a> used a super-thin brush to paint these cherry blossom branches on an opaque white base. They make us want to book a ticket to see the <em>sakura</em> in Washington D.C.—or, better yet, Japan!</p>
<div class="gif-article"> <h2>Daisy Nail Art</h2> <p class="credit"></p> <p>We’re already thinking about which summer dress will best complement these riotous daisies created by <a href="" target="_blank">Nail Nerd</a>.</p> <p> <em>A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.</em> </p>

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