DIY: Michelle William's gorgeous Golden Globes headband

Jan. 25, 2012 at 1:40 PM ET

Katy Winn / AP file /
"My Week with Marilyn" actress Michelle Williams dazzled in a pretty headband at the 2012 Golden Globes.

Statement headbands were seen all over the Golden Globes red carpet Jan. 15, with best actress winner Michelle Williams dazzling onlookers in her velvet and rhinestone version. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton donned the fashionable accessory at the State of the Union address Tuesday night, opting for a chic black headband accented with several rhinestones.

"Are headbands now a thing?" asked of the headband trend. "The answer is yes. Yes, they are."

Michael Reynolds / EPA /
Headbands get political: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, embracing Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, at the State of the Union address on Jan. 24.

A fan of the trend? DIY blogger Geneva Vanderzeil of A Pair & A Spare demonstrates how to make your own and explains why it's an incredibly easy project that you'll love to wear.

You need:

  • Enough black velvet ribbon to wrap around your head.
  • A couple of inches of black elastic, the same width as the velvet.
  • A rhinestone or beaded feature for the headband. (I used rhinestone embellished ribbon but you can also use a broach, beads, glittery belt buckle, single rhinestones or whatever you want to act as the sparkly feature for your headband.)
  • A needle and thread.
Geneva Vanderzeil /

How to:

1. Cut the ribbon to size by measuring it around your head — leaving a 3-inch gap at the back where you will sew the elastic to make it easier to wear.

Geneva Vanderzeil /

2. Sew one side of the elastic to the underside of the ribbon.

Geneva Vanderzeil /

3. Sew the other side of the elastic to the other side of the ribbon. You will now have a round headband.

Geneva Vanderzeil /

4. Try the headband on to make sure it fits properly, then look to decide where you want to attach your feature piece. Slightly off centre to the left or right side of your head usually looks the best.

Geneva Vanderzeil /

5. Once you've decided where you want the feature piece to sit, sew it onto the velvet ribbon. Try it on to check that the feature piece is sitting properly, if it is — you're finished!

Geneva Vanderzeil /

To wear the headband, I put it on while my hair is down and then lightly pin my hair in a messy up do after putting it on. This sort of statement accessory can be easily worn during the day with a relaxed outfit of striped top and jeans, or be taken into evening paired with a silk camisole and bright pink wide leg trousers.

Geneva Vanderzeil /

For more great DIY style ideas, check out A Pair & A Spare.


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