DIY: Color-blocked summer moccasins

May 11, 2012 at 1:05 PM ET

Chelsa Skees /

By Chelsa Skees

Even though they are not seen by many, my boring brown moccasin slippers were really in need of spicing up. So I decided to color-block them with a fun, hot pink in an attempt to rejuvenate their look. Here is my easy how-to tutorial on how you can brighten up yours as well: 


  • Small, flat paint brush
  • Fabric paint (I used Jacquard Textile paint for natural or synthetic fabrics)  
  • Moccasins in need of sprucing
Chelsa Skees /


1. First, flip up the fringed flap to begin painting. Be careful around the edges to ensure you get a nice clean line.

Chelsa Skees /

2. Let the shoes dry for 2 hours, then apply a second coat of paint to guarantee a smooth, all-over color that will pop!

Chelsa Skees /

3. After your second coat, let the shoes dry completely before wearing. Viola! Now you can wear your new stylish slippers around the house — even when guests are over.

Chelsa Skees /

Tip: I wasn’t concerned about getting paint on the underside of my fringe flaps. However, if you are, you can use binder clips to simply clamp them back while you are painting.

Chelsa Skees is currently working as a freelance fashion stylist and writer. Her favorite color is grey and can beat just about anyone in a bubble blowing contest.  

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